Luck of the Stylish!

The harder you work - the luckier you get!

Let's get lucky!

Who's ready for a little St. Patty's Day Fun??? ME! I love any excuse to celebrate and do something "themed". LOL. So - it's all about taking action between NOW and Wednesday night at 11:59 PST (that always cracks me up).

It's all about "Giving Me FIVE"….FIVE actions to move your business forward!

I have noticed in the past week that people are ALIVE again! The milder temps and warmer weather has made people get out and about - put away their snow boots and bust out their rain boots - even my hubby and his friends said "I think it's time to switch from Happy Hour Manhattans to Martinis!"

So - it's a business boosting blitz for FIVE days! Here are some ideas you can put into action:

1. Make FIVE customer care calls….build those relationships and ask if they have seen the pics of the new summer capsule collection!

2. Hand out FIVE minis out and about and ask to "exchange contact info" and get their info on a post it note or plug it right into your phone.

3. Email, text, or fb msg FIVE gals to offer an Autism Awareness "Sip and Shop for a Cause" get together

4. Invite FIVE gals to listen to the webinar recording from last week just for "funzies" because you think they would love hearing more about why you love what you do.

5. Follow up with those FIVE gals to hear what their favorite part of the recording was

6. Invite FIVE gals to listen to next Thursday's webinar live.

7. Invite FIVE gals to meet me in Wilmington, DE on Monday from 10 - 11 to chat about life as a stylist over a cup of joe.

8. Think of an area of your business that you want to strengthen….listen to a training call and share FIVE tips you are going to put into action

9. Add FIVE gals to your chicken list and share WHY you are a scardy cat about reaching out to them.

10. Reach out to FIVE team members/stella buddies and tell them what you admire about them - share the sdjoy!

11. Pop FIVE look books in the mail with a personal note telling them you will CALL them later this week to chat!

12. Call FIVE birthday girls to remind them about the free wishing bracelet they can get with a $30 order and ask them what they have been eyeing up

13. Reach out to FIVE past hostesses and invite them to post a "Win it Wed" on THEIR wall for you this week.

14. Search your order history for anyone who has bought a tia cross body bag. Email them all with an image of the new summer preview clutch and chain and the offer to "update their cross body" for this season! Call FIVE of them the following day to see what they think of this new versatile design and offer them a "bling into spring" trunk show

15. Call FIVE gals who have wish lists on your website. Say "Hey _____ It's Missy from Stella & Dot. I have to admit I noticed you have a pretty gorgeous wish list on our website. Have you been to a show lately, are you invited to one, or are you just gearing up for a little spring fashion fix? let them answer Well hey - super fun idea….I'd love to bring the collection over for you and your friends to check out and we can make that wish list your new accessories wardrobe! What sounds more fun - a little "Java and Jewels" during the week while the kids are at school or a fun "Stellatinis and Spring Style" in the evening from 7 - 9 one night?

16. Come up with your own FIVE actions!

Then - post to our Facebook Team Page under the designated thread what FIVE actions you take. Every time you "give me five" you get a point! Each point gives you an entry to win one of these adorable tees or the Trellis Necklace! Go for it - take action. Take CRAZY action! Your business will thank you! It's all about putting in a DAZZLING effort!

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T A K E A C T I O N !!! I want to give YOU a high five!!!!