Grouping Students

Affecting learning and performance in classes

Guiding Question

How does grouping students affect their performance in classes?

Learning Styles

The three main learning styles, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic play a large role in the way that you group students. You need to group based on how the students learns, but you also need to have a good mix of choosing partners/groups and randomly being with people. If you only group one way people with different learning styles can be negatively affected due to a lack of using their learning style.

You can group students in many ways!

Ability classes

Ability classes are gifted classes and classes for struggling students. Gifted classes are meant to ensure that talented kids are not leaving their talents unused. Classes for struggling students are meant to ensure that no student feels lost or left behind in class.

The Final Answer!

Grouping students really does affect how they preform in class. They are affected differently based on their learning styles and what they are learning. It can negatively or positively affect the student based on how they learn. It is important to not only be grouping one way or students may struggle because they their learning styles are not being used.