Valentine's Day

By: Hannah Dickson

How Valentine's Day Started

Valentine's Day started during the 3rd century in Rome. We celebrate Valentines Day today to honor St. Valentine on February 14th each year. Valentine was sent to jail and during that time he fell in love. Before he was put to death he sent his love a letter signed from your valentine which we still continue to use today.

Why Flowers Became Important for Valentine's day

Flowers began being used during the 18th century when Charles II started sending them with more of a reason, such as a holiday. The rose is the traditional flower of Valentine's day since it represents love. Many use bouquets to pass on a non verbal message.

Cost of Valentine's Day

Chocolate- $13.9 billion

Candy-$5.7 billion

Flowers- $397 million

  • roses-$39 million
  • lilies -$76.9 million
  • tulips-$39.1 million

Jewelry- $2.6 billion

Valentine's Day Facts

  • 73% of men buy flowers
  • 14% of women buy themselves flowers
  • 61.8% of people celebrate valentines day
  • 196 roses are produced on valentines day
  • The average consumer spends $116.21 on valentines day
  • Candy is the most given gift on valentines day

Impact on the Floral Industry

Valentines Day is the number 1 holiday for florists. Valentines Day brings in 40% of the holiday income that florists make during the year.