Dress Code Changes My Rights

Limiting my freedom? I don't think so.

Kim Stock Talks about how she thinks dress code is fair

Are you for dress code?

"I'm for that dress code, it limits my children's speech."

Why do you think its okay to limit your childs' freedom of speech?

" If everybody is dressed the same, no one can call a kid rich, or poor."

Do you think dress code makes the world " a better place?"

"I think it puts all kids on a level playing field, so no." "I think it would be less stressful for the kids worrying about if their clothes is a designer brand or not."

When you were a kid did you have dress code?


Your saying you don't know what its like, this is just your opinion?

" I have only experienced it through being a parent." "The answer to your question is no."

Why should I listen to your opinion, what makes you credible?

"I'm a parent and that is my opinion." I'm a credible speaker." " Parenthood makes me credible I have kids and I think its easier with dresscode."

What to Remember:

- Being a parent does not make you a credible speaker, especially when you haven't even experienced dress code

Why Listen to Me?

I'm a credible speaker. I went to private school and I know what a uniform is like. You all know what dress code is, you probably don't like it. If your going to where shorts that are up your butt, thats a problem. I will bet you $100 that your child WON'T end up like Kesha or lady Ga Ga if they don't have dress code. To be honest I agree with Dane for the most part, but I think you know he is one to exaggerate. Wouldn't it be nice to know your freedom isn't stripped away from you when you walk in the school building? Wouldn't it be nice to know you have the freedom to express yourself? Wouldn't it be nice to make your perfect world into a reality?

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