Chiropractic Training

How to build a Take Shape for Life business in your office!


Hello docs! We wanted to introduce ourselves to each of you real quick and let you know about a training we have begun putting together specifically for chiropractors. We realize that introducing a weight loss program in your office can pay huge dividends not only in getting your patients healthy, but also in your pocketbook. So this training will help you do both.

We have been health coaches with Take Shape for Life for the past seven years. We are part of your mentor team and want to show you how we were able to help so many of our patients with this program. In our first two weeks we put 27 people on this program and haven't looked back since. In fact, due to our success we were able to sell our practice in October 2011 and now help docs across the country to be successful with this program. We look forward to helping you to become successful as well.

We will be sending regular flyers like this that will include video training's for you to watch. These video's will be short and to the point, but will help you know how to benefit from offering this to your patient's.

Let us know if you have questions or would like additional help! Here are our phone numbers! Dr. Buddy Allen - 208-989-7086 Dr. Eddie Arnold - 208-989-1850

More to come!

These videos are intended to help you learn how to talk with patients in your office. If you have specific questions about these videos or have questions that you would like help with please feel free to give us a call.