Music The Great Invention

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, January 11, 2016

Different Music Types By Savannah Reese

There are multiple types of music genres such as Alternative, Anime, Blues, Children’s Music, Classical, Comedy, Commercial, Country, Dance, Disney, Electronic, Foreign Language music, Hip-Hop, Rap, Holiday, Pop, Industrial, K-Pop and J-pop, and more.

These music genres are broken up into even more groups. Out of these music groups alternative rock is by far my favorite genre. All of these genres have many bands divided from these genres. Some bands have many different genres they like to sing or play. Music is one of the best kind of art and invention. It’s been said that the man who invented music was the island of Samos around 582 BC and his name was Pythagoras. It's been said that he started making music and different genres, no one is sure if it is true or not.

People all around like certain types of music, it could be based of culture, or just from enjoying the beat or the way the song goes. Classical music can be very calming to some people, or just plain boring. Some people find Rap stupid, it just depends on their taste. Music can help express people’s feelings.Music is a good way to help you get through your situations you have in life. You may like all genres, and only listen to certain types of music based on your emotions.Music is a great invention that was brought to us. Till this day more and more bands are being formed using many genres at once.