Top 10 technology rules for parents

By: Harleen Chattu 8C

1. Learn how to use social media and understand what technology really is and what it is really used for so you know what your children are doing.

2.Teach your children how to use technology safely from a young age because that information will be useful for them their whole lifetime.

3.Keep an eye on your kid and what there doing while still giving them privacy.

4.Get a family computer so everyone could share one computer and take turns on it.This would help because their time on the web would be limited.

5.Understand the websites and social media their using so you can see for yourself what it's all about.

6.Set parental controls for a certain time setting for when the device shuts off so their time on the internet is limited.

7.Check the history on your childrens computer or laptop so you can see what they are doing on the web.

8.Ask your children who they are talking to online because their are dangerous people out there and you want your kids to stay away from them.

9.Talk to your kids about cyber bullying because they need to know about it.

10.Get your kids involved in other activities so their not always glued to the internet because it's not healthy for them.

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