TMHS Weekly Update- Staff

April 27, 2020

While School is out...

You have figured out and implemented remote learning with one week notice. You have shared your kitchen's, living rooms, dining rooms and office's with your students. You have balanced your own children's education while educating other people's children. You have sat quietly on a zoom or google hangout and just listened. You have worried about our student's families and your own. And you have mourned the loss of the rest of our school year and felt deeply the disappointment for our seniors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Send me pictures of your quarantine adventures and you may be featured at the background for the weekly update!

NHS Video

Here is the link to the video Dustine made to recognize our newest NHS members!

End of Year Events

We met with Senior Class advisors and parents this past week and will be meeting the the class officers this week. We have some ideas for graduation and senior week. We plan on sending out more specific information the week of May 4th, about those events as well as the seniors last day of remote learning.

Sunshine Campaign

Sunshine campaign

Some of our students have been affected tragically by COVID19. Whether they are worried about a friend or family member that is currently sick or a loved one has passed away from it, we would like to brighten their days and surround them with the love of the TMHS community. We are asking for teachers to volunteer to write cards or postcards to send by good old fashioned snail mail to these students. Just imagine how good they might feel if they get multiple cards from teachers! If you know of a student affected, please fill out the form here: If you are willing to write to students, please send an email to Beth Beauchesne.

Quarter 3 Grades

Below is the information for finalizing Quarter 3 grades for students. Please consider the impact on students and families when finalizing grades- no student had the opportunity to bring up his/her grade this quarter. If a student missed a test/quiz due to absence before March 12th you must exempt them and it will not be factored into their final Quarter 3 grade.

  • Quarter 3 (Q3)

    • Grades for Q3 will close on May 1, 2020

    • Students will receive a grade for Q3 based on work assigned prior to the close of school on March 12, 2020.

    • Optional Assignment/Assessment/Activity

      • Every student will have the opportunity to do one additional assignment/assessment/ activity assigned by their teacher in each course. It will count as a test/project grade in their Q3 grade. This is optional and not doing the assessment/activity will not negatively impact the Q3 average as of March 12th. Optional assignment is due by May 1st.

      • Q3 grades will be factored into the final GPA

  • DO NOT POST Q3 GRADES. The district will post for everyone on May 8th.

Students in Need of Devices

If you hear from a student that they need a device, please email Annmarie or Chris Fronduto. They are keeping a spreadsheet and the students will be contacted when a device is available for them to pick up.

Reminder- Nominations for Teacher's Choice Award and Principal's Award

Please complete the nomination form below. You may nominate one senior for the Teacher's Choice Award and one for the Principal's Award. Next week we will send out a voting form!

Teacher's Choice Award: This award is given annually to a senior nominated and chosen by the faculty who exemplifies the spirit TMHS.

Principal's Award: This award is given annually to a senior nominated and chosen by the faculty who has exhibited excellence and a strong commitment to academics and extracurricular activities at TMHS.

Aspen Posting Update

We have made the posting for student participation in Remote Learning in Aspen more streamlined. You will still use the codes RLP and RLNP however you will put them in the box where you have traditionally put a grade. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Dept. Head or Lead Teacher.

Message from Special Education

Individualized Remote Learning Plan (IRLP)

This plan temporarily takes place of the IEP during remote learning. The IRLPs are currently being developed. When the IRLPs are finalized, the liaison will give you a copy of the plan.

Some standard accommodations are:

~Shortened assignments when applicable.

~Directly check in with student to offer help.

~Check in with student's liaison when student misses a number of assignments.

~Email/Call parent on student's progress, when applicable

Inclusion Classes

Each special education teacher has been assigned to a core subject area to assist with modifying work. While most of our special needs population can complete assignments without modifications, please don't hesitate to ask questions or reach out if you need assistance.

Algebra 1, Senior Math

Lindsay Bowden

Geometry, Algebra 2

Jillian Goodwin

English Gr. 11 & 12

Marco Basiliere

English Gr. 9 & 10

Tim Feeley

Biology, Intro to C&P, Env. Sci.

Pat McAndrews

History; World Languages

Christine Smith

Posting of Remote Learning Assignments in Google Classroom

After listening to teacher's and student's feedback after a week of remote learning, we have made the decision that it makes sense to post the assignments for the week on Monday. Please make sure that all your assignments are posted on Monday. Thanks everyone!

TMHS Remote Learning Plan

Here is the link to our remote learning plan. This is for teacher use only. Students and families have received this information that is more general in scope.

Physical Education/Wellness Activities

There will be a new activity posted by our Wellness Department each day on our website and tweeted out. We hope that you also find time to take care of your body and mind each day!

Remote Learning Plan

Here is the link to the TPS Remote Learning Plan. There is information about the TMHS plan for remote learning included on this site.

Students will receive feedback on this work and whether students receive credit/no credit will be determined for all students at the end of the school year.

School Events Update

Here is the link to the email that was sent on March 20th concerning the status of school events.

Grab and Go Lunch

A Grab and Go Lunch plan has been established for all students in the district.

Please see attached link for this Grab and Go Student Lunch Option

Resources Worth Reading

Educational Leadership Special Report– ASCD’s flagship magazine has produced a free online issue focused on ideas and resources for the coronavirus crisis. It’s available at

“A New Reality: Getting Remote Learning Right,” April 2020 (Vol. 77)