Are you an Athlete?

Created by Bailey B., Julia A., Abby K., and Elizabeth L.

Materials needed

1)Game board

2)Player pieces
4)Question cards (balls)

5)Fate cards

Players: 2-5

Goal of the game

To answer the questions correctly and be the first to the finish line to be crowned the winner!


To start the game ,set up the board; have each person select a playing piece. The Fate cards, the cards that tell you your fate, are provided at the top of the game board. The question cards are located at the top of the board as well. Note that the questions are located on the back of the cards, the answer is underneath the flap. Each player will roll the dice, the person with the highest number will go first.

Once the game has started, roll the dice and go that many spaces. If the player lands on a green space, draw a shoe card (track). If the player lands on a blue space, pick a volleyball card. Red, choose a basketball card, and yellow, a football card. If answered correctly, move forward one space. If the player lands on a space with a star, draw a Fate card and do what it says.

The Bench, if one of the Fate cards directs you to "The Bench", provided in the corner of the board, you stay there until you roll a double with the dice or until two of your turns has gone by.

Continue this until one player gets to the finish line of the game!

Have Fun!