Education Philosophy

The things I live by as a teacher

My Philosophy

I want my students to feel safe in my classroom and to understand that I actually care about their well-being and them as a person as well as on a student level, which is more of a progressivism perspective. Tying in recontructionsim is the idea of trying to make my students aware of what society wants us as humans to be and how we should act, but making my students aware that they should be ready for society and the “real world” without conforming them or transforming them into something they don’t want to be. Finally, I emphasize my classroom teaching as existentialism, because I want my students to be aware of real world problems, and what’s happening in the world, so they are ready when they are done with school. A teacher should be aware of their students’ emotional, social, psychological and physical development as well as their cognitive growth.

Goals For Teaching Children

  • Feeling safe and comfortable, a sense of belonging in the classroom

  • Nurturing and enriching classroom that promotes productive and inclusive learning

  • Children will be aware and ready for what society has to offer when they enter the world, this is more of an existentialist outlook

  • Building relationships with each student so they have a sense that I care

Strategies To Practice

Teaching Strategies

  • View parents and community members as supporters in the educational process

  • Having a positive and caring attitude, and make an effort to connect with students

  • Becoming a guide for my students and not alienating them, but not completely “holding their hands”

State And National Standards

What are Standards?

Standards are a set of benchmarks that will ensure that all students can demonstrate they are taking in the needed information.

In my class students will be guided through the standards in a way that reaches all of their thinking, development, individualized instructions, self-discovery, and a hands-on-approach, encourages positive behaviors, while keeping them enticed and motivated to learn.