The 4th Grade News

Week of November 10th-14th

A Note from Ms. Deal

Dear Parents,

We are continuing to grow as learners and community members here in 4th grade. Students are working hard across the subjects and I continue to be impressed with this fine group.

Monday, November 17th, students will have a dress rehearsal for the Monkey King. Please send your child to school with black pants and a black shirt. Thank you!

Next week we head to The Shanghai Museum. November 20th we plan to leave school at 8:15am. We are still hoping to have more parent volunteers join us. If you're available, please come!

As I said in the last newsletter, Spirit Day, when students can wear pajamas to school, is the same day as our field trip. I've told students that they must wear their uniforms for the trip, and can change into their Spirit Day clothes once we return to school.

Happy weekend to you and your families!

Ms. Deal

Upcoming Events:

November 21st - Monkey King Dress Rehearsal 9:00am - Black pants and black shirt

November 20th- Spirit Day: Wear your pajamas to school!

November 20th - Field Trip to Shanghai Museum

November 25th - 4th and 5th Grade production of The Monkey King at 6:30pm

November 27th and 28th - No school for students!

What's going on in room 223

Math Maniacs

Students are continuing to improve their multiplication and division skills. We are working on double digit multiplication and division. This week students put their skills to the test and created their own word problems. They worked with groups to create some really challenging math word problems. They were then able to share with problems with other people in the class and be the "expert" for their problem. It was great to see everyone collaborating and enjoying math!

Language Arts

Word Study: Students finished studying their Word Study pattern from last week. Students will rarely not have word study homework. Thank you for helping them with this at home. It may seem tedious, but teaching them to be responsible and make homework a routine is a valuable skill. Thank you!

Writing: Students are working on writing 5 paragraph expository essays. This is a difficult task, so they are working with partners. Their writing skills continue to improve!

Reading: We have finished out Guided Reading books. I have received mostly positive feedback from the students about these books. They are all interested in the books they did not read, too. As a wrap up, next week students will write the "final" chapter of their books.

Social Studies

Indigenous Cultures has started off well. Right now I am trying to expose the students to as many images and artifacts from Indigenous Cultures as I can. We are really working on inferencing skills and how to use evidence to draw conclusions. Students will be exposed to many Indigenous Cultures and ultimately choose one specific culture to focus on.