Prep 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore, 30th April 2015

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IPC Curriculm

This week the Prep 1 children started their new unit called “Treasure” The children used their creativity and enthusiasm during our entry point, where they learnt how to be a pirate. The children learnt songs about pirates, as well as making telescopes.

Later on in the week the children started to think about the word treasure and how it could be a range of different things. The children soon realised that treasure can be something that is precious and important to you!

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The children are continuing to investigate numbers 0-10. The children are developing their mark making skills and learning how to write these numbers, as well as learning which 2 numbers we can add together to make the number 10.

Language Arts

The children began the week by learning their 3rd cluster of Jolly phonics sounds. The children have been writing cvc words, making books and painting pictures independently. At home encourage your children to find key words or sounds in environment print, and in books.

Chinese Home Readers

Starting from this week the children will be taking home Chinese home readers. On our school website under the Chinese section you find an audio recording to help you read along at home with your child.

Your child will take home a Chinese home reader every 2 weeks, starting this week with SMO and DKI. Please note that they are to be returned no later than Thursday May 7th. Many thanks.

What's on next week?

Virtue: Orderliness

Magic 100 Tricky Word: /all/

Sound of the Week- /Gg/

Other Dates for your Diary

Friday, May 1st - Labour Day - No School

Saturday, May 9th - Lap-a-thon

Friday, May 15th - Founder's Day; Prep children finish school at 11:20. No lunch required.

Tuesday, May 19th - Prep 1 Sports Day!

Friday, May 29th - Field Trip to Port of Lost Wonder

Monday, June 1st - Vesak Day - No School

Tuesday, June 2nd - Field Trip to 'The Gingerbread Man'

Friday, June 12th - Last day of term

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