Disney Digest 2022-23

August 21, 2022

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Notes from Dr. Elliott

Dear Disney Families,

It was a great first week of learning with our Disney Dolphins. We had so many successes this week! First, I want to thank our parents for your patience and willingness to work with our staff in tweaking our carline. It is never an easy part of the school year, and even though we still have some hiccups, your cooperation was greatly appreciated. We cannot do this without you and you were willing to model for your children how to tackle change with finesse. Thank you for being in partnership with our staff to put student safety first.

The school year has started in a mad dash to many events and opportunities to connect. I look forward to our learning and strengthening our partnership in this upcoming events.

As your children come home to tell you about their day, we encourage you to spend some time asking them questions and listening to their stories. Some great conversation starters:

  • Who did you play with today? Who did you sit with at lunch?
  • What was your favorite part of the day? What was a challenge you overcame?
  • Tell me one thing you learned. What did you like/not like about it?

These simple questions can open up a connection that allows your child to feel safe, heard and seen. It may seem simple, but many families struggle to find the time or ability to hear how their child is feeling about their own learning. I hope you enjoy the conversations and hope to hear about the wonderful things students share.

In this edition, you will find the following information:

  • Carline Arrival Procedures UPDATED
  • Volunteer information
  • SPS University Registration- IMPORTANT
  • PTA updates

Your partner in education,

Dr. Lori Elliott

Disney Principal


Upcoming Events

Aug. 30 Boy Scouts @ 7pm in Disney Diner

Aug. 30 Meet & Greet with PTA @ 12pm located at Bricktown Brewery or 6pm located in Learning Lab (Library classroom)

Sept. 2 First Rally of the Dolphins

Sept. 9 Football Kick-off Dress Day-Wear your favorite team colors or team jersey

Sept.13 SPS University/Fall Open Festival from 5-7pm

Arrival Procedures UPDATED!!! Important Information

As we opened up the door and resumed breakfast in the Diner, we had to reconstruct our arrival time to maximize time for breakfast, maintain proper supervision and keep our building secure. This lead to some hiccups and long carline times. However, we made some adjustments. The first adjustment we made was increase the supervision outside of carline.

Next, we increase two entrances. Cars 1-6 will enter through the Diner doors. Cars 7-12 will enter through the Nurse's doors (under the awning). Supervision inside directs students to the Diner for breakfast if needed. To continue improvement, we need our parent partners to follow the procedures, especially as noted below:

All cars must enter from the east side of Bates. This means NO LEFT TURN into the parking lot. This is mandatory.

I understand this is not a favorable choice. However, I remain committed to putting students, their families and the staff's safety as priority over convenience. The following reasons why this must be adhered to are below:

  • Maintain the safety of all drivers. The bottleneck that is created entering two different directions in one parking lot entrance creates a traffic jam of our neighbors, increasing the chance of collision or hostile driving
  • Provide opportunity for our staff to arrive on time and not get stuck in the car line. Our doors open earlier than most staff are expected to arrive. If our staff is unable to get into the building this decreases our ability to supervise properly, putting students at risk.
  • Establish supervision of students in the building. When we have little children who are not familiar with the building entering several entrances, this increases the amount of supervision needed and in the chance of an emergency, more chaos when tracking the whereabouts of students.

Carline Gaps

Our carline does not get congested until 7:08 daily. In other words, our carline is not backed up from 6:45-7:08 am. Suggestions to be on-time:

  • If your child eats breakfast, plan to arrive around 7:00 or earlier. This allows your child at at the minimum 15 minutes to eat breakfast. Doors open at 6:45 am.
  • If you join carline at 7:10, you will encounter long waits and most likely be late. Consider leaving five minutes earlier if you are normally in carline after 7:10.

Doors will close at 7:20 am starting Wed. August 30

  • We have to honor our start times. When we have cars continuing to pull into the parking lot at 7:20, we are delaying the learning of all learners. We will close the doors at 7:20 am starting Wednesday, August 30. You will then be required to walk your child into the Main Office and obtain a tardy slip.

Doors Open at 6:45 AM

Breakfast is served in the Diner from 6:45 AM to 7:15 AM

Grab & Go Breakfast Options will available from 7:15-7:30 for late arrivals.

I know, and our staff knows how difficult this adjustment has been on our families and us, but we are resilient and we are all in this together. We can accomplish great things with teamwork and positive mindset.

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Join us for SPS University & Fall Festival Sept. 13

Last year we found combining Open House and Fall Festival to be an excellent combination of events! What a great turnout we had! We would like to repeat this combination and add in our district SPS University-home edition to this fun-filled evening. What does this entail you ask?

When you REGISTER, you will be able to:

  • Visit your child's classroom and see their progress displayed in their classroom!
  • Receive a FREE meal for each member of the family! If you do not have a registration ticket, you will still be able to purchase food.
  • Enjoy the fall festivities of inflatables, DJ, and more! Seminole Baptist and PTA partner once again to provide some excellent fun for the whole family!
  • Learn more about School Clubs and Partnerships. We will have tables set up for our clubs and partnerships for families to visit to see how Disney provides resources and extracurricular experiences for our families/students.
  • Hear Dr. Elliott speak about the mission/vision of Disney.
  • Purchase sweet treats from local food trucks! Hart of the Ozarks ice cream truck was started by a retired teacher in Nixa! More food trucks will be part of the venue.

Please REGISTER HERE. Registration allows our planning team to plan accordingly and be cost effective in our event as well as prepare our space efficiently.


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PTA Updates

PTA Meet & Greet

Feel free to spend some time with Disney PTA tomorrow, August 30 at one of the following times:

12pm @ Bricktown Brewery

6pm @ Disney in the Learning Lab (library)

PTA Directory

The PTA is utilizing a new directory that is more cost effective for our families. Please use the link below to access the directory.


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Volunteer Information

Arrival Greeters

Help our carline continue to move fluently, we would love to have extra greeters in the morning! Feel free to join the staff from 7:00-7:20 opening and greeting our Disney Dolphins to another great day of learning! Interested? Contact Shayla Sleeth at 523-3600 or slsleeth@spsmail.org.

Lunch Supervision

Another great opportunity to get to know our Disney Dolphins is to assist with lunch duty supervision! We could always use more hands opening ketchup packets, sweeping floors, wiping tables and encouraging students to be their Dolphin Best! There is a paid opportunity and volunteer opportunities! We hope to see you there!


Mrs. Payne, our librarian, is in need of parent volunteers to help run the 9/12-9/16 Book Fair. Please click the link below if you would be interested in helping. Thank you so much!


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