Getting The Hit

Kameron J Period.7

The things that happen in football today are astounding, wait until I tell u about something's that happen.

Robert Griffin III rocketed the ball through the air he didn't see the rock Haloti Ngata coming straight toward him "BOOM", all u could hear was Rg3 screaming in pain on the ground you saw him on the ground quenching in pain. As the training staff came on to the field everyone one on the field came to a screeching stop everyone in the crowd stopped, no talking at all everyone took a knee that was on the field.

Eventually he got up, but he had to get carted off the field in order to get off. That was a very sad day Redskins got the win in overtime, 38-31 everyone was wondering how RG3 was doing but no one reported it, so they were really scared.

Everyone waited around waiting for someone to report to them, and finally someone did it had said "Robert Griffin III has suffered a horrendous right knee injury, he will be out for the rest of the season".

Very few people came to the Redskins games for the rest of the season, it was a very sad year for everyone that was a Washington Redskin fan.

Next year RG3 showed up to play, and guess what happened, same thing he ended up getting hurt once again that was the end of ugly season once again.