Tech Talk: Google News/Alerts

By: Yuma and Duy


What is Google Alert?

It's basically an application that helps you to monitor things that you're interested in on the Internet.

How to use Google Alert????

Well, It's very easy to use: All you need is a valid email account and things that you are interested in on the internet.

After creating an account, choose or subscribe to what ever you like or want to know about. After that emails will be sent to you about if there's anything new about that subject

Is Google Alert helpful???

OF COURSE Google Alert is helpful. You can use it in many ways:

- To monitor and see whether your friends are talking about you on the internet or not.

- To collect researches and findings for class subjects, assignments or investigations.

- To keep track of your favorite things on the internet.


What Is Google news????

Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests.

How to use Google News?????

Well, Google News is extremely easy to use:

- You don't even need an email address to access it, but if you log in with you email address, you will have more choices for customizations.

- Everyday news around the world and from other websites will be shown in Google News's main page, so you can access them very easily.

- If you're logged in, you can also customized depends on your personality, for example: sports, fashion, vehicles, science,......

Is Google News useful??????

You can search news all over the world and be able to customized it depends on your hobby and likes, so....... it's EXTREMELY USEFUL of course!!