Age of Exploration

David Wetherington

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in October 31, 1451 died May 20 1506. He was sponsored by Spain. He discovered Americas it is the only way for European conquest and establishment of empires in that continent. It enabled exchange of ideas, trade, and people between Europe and Americas. He was the first one from Europe to explore America.

Francis Drake

Queen Elizabeth of England sponsers Francis Drake. He died June 27, 1546. He brought gold to England to make them wealthy. He also made the name penguins. He also brought war to the spaniards and sailed around the world. He was a English explorer, he traveled the oceans and went around the world to search of new lands and also disabled Spain navy bases in the new world.

Herman Cortez

Herman Cortez

He died December 2, 1547. Herman sponsered Spain. He was consdered a madman, but he wanted to explore. He brought over many European diseases and rained Aztec culture. He introduced positve aspects into Aztec ways of like horses, sheep, cattle, and different types of grains and food.

Marco Polo

He was born 1254 and died January 8, 1324. He he sponsered Italy. Italy travler helped to begin Age of Exploration, gave a new insight on Asia.

Map of Exploration