1960's Hippies

By: Mike Bluemel and Kobe Wycklendt

The Beginning

The original hippie movement was believed to have started in the late 1950's. They started as more of a beat/music movement with some anti-war beliefs as well. Eventually, the anti-war beliefs started to show through more and the hippies began to be seen more as an anti-war group than a music movement

Hippie Beliefs

Hippies largely believed in peace and acceptance. The were against all war and especially Vietnam at that time. Also, they really liked acceptance and wanted a world were everyone was accepted. The basically just wanted a peaceful world with no problems ruled by love, peace, happiness, and acceptance.

List of beliefs:

-Don't conform to society

-Technology isn't necessary and sometimes dehumanizing

-Love and peace instead of war and hate

-Tolerance of everybody

Hippie Culture

Hippies brought new values, art, clothes, and more to America. It was really new and oftentimes, controversial.

Clothing: Hippies brought an interesting type of clothing in their movement. They typically wore looser clothing that was colorful and made from natural products.

Art: Hippie art was usually very colorful. It depicted either peace or psychedelic colors without any real meaning. It was a brand new type of art and many people didn't like the psychedelic mindset of the art.


The Hippie culture and lifestyle was very controversial for many people. First, many saw hippie lifestyle as rather lazy and unaccomplished. Also, the hippie culture incorporated a lot of drug use which many people frowned upon. Lastly, the culture brought a lot of new ideas and clothing which lots didn't accept solely because it was so bold and different


Mike: I thought that some of the hippie culture was actually pretty cool. I wasn't really expecting that because there are a lot of bad stereotypes about hippies. The art was pretty different and I liked that. Also, a lot of the hippie beliefs were really interesting like how they didn't like technology. Overall I thought the hippie lifestyle was really quite interesting.

Kobe: I found it cool that the hippie movement originated as a music movement then changed, I didn't know that. Also, I found the hippie lifestyle pretty interesting and the artwork was really awesome. I liked the tons of colors and how the pictures weren't really of a specific thing. Lastly, the ideas and beliefs were cool and I feel like more people should have followed them even if they didn't want to live the hippie lifestyle.