Francium is DANGEROus

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REWARD - $100,000

Wanted For / Aliases

Francium is wanted for escaping a private research facility, rumor has it that Francium has traveled to the United States seeking asylum. Today Francium is used only for scientific research, as it is extremely rare. About only 30 grams of it is on currently on earth. Francium's chemical symbols is "Fr". Francium was named after the country of France, as Marguerite Perry (Person who discovered francium) was a French Native herself. Francium has no other aliases.

Descripton / Structure

Francium has an atomic mass of 223 amu. Its atomic number is 87 (same number of protons), is a metal. Is solid at room temperature.

(Bohr Diagram shown below)

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First Arresting Officer/ Arrest Report

Marguerite Perry was born on October 19th, 1909 in France Europe. She researched Physics. Marguerite later died on May 13th, 1975 at the age of 65. Francium was first discovered in Paris, France by Marguerite Perry in 1939. The discovery took place at the Curie Institute when she saw that Francium is made when actinium emits on alpha-particle.

Emit - (produce and discharge, something, especially gas or radiation)

Last Seen/ Associates

Francium is the 87th element (going down by atomic number) and is a part of the Alkali metals, and is rarely found in the earths crust. The alkali metals (highly reactive) do not occur naturally. No test have been done creating a compound with francium, but francium does share similar qualities of cesium.


Francium is dangerous in it's natural state and is EXTREMELY reactive with water.
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As you can see in the picture, Francium escaping the research facility.