Daisy Family

What does it look like?

The Burdock's flower arrangement is called many among branches. It looks like a cotton candy stick with only bits left. The main color is purple and the other color is white. The leaves are called oval smooth and they look like balloons. The flower type is called disc flowers that kind of look like fire.

Where does it live, and how tall is it?

The Burdock lives in the Northwest, Midwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast. It's habitat is in fields, pastures, and waste places. It blooms in July-October and is 1-5 feet tall and is one half-1inch wide

Wow/Interesting Facts

  • Almost every part of the Burdock is edible
  • It was once used as an Asian medicine
  • It makes rubbarb
  • It has pointy needles

Images from www.google.com