Mars the Big Red Planet

Johnny Ferraro

Starting your Journey to Mars!!!

Imagine that you're on the planet yes and I mean it the planet Mars the best planet ever! You're on a big journey around Mars finding facts about the planet. So get your air tank ready, because you're going on a trip around Mars!!

The features of Mars!!

The features of Mars includes lots of stuff like dust. The dust makes the planet look red. Finally there is ice underground Mars!

Mars has lots of storms on the surface. Mars also has hills that have rocks on it. When Mars has storms, it makes some of the red dust. Mars has volcanoes that are very big but not many volcanoes so that is why you can't always see them! Mars has some craters that you can see sometimes if you look on a telescope. Mars has lots of gasses that you can see if you look very very close.

Water and Ice

Mars has ice just like our moon.Mars has water and that water was there for a long time ago! Scientist say that when Mars used to have water it would be on the surface and underground too.Scientists also know that if there was still water on Mars and if dug it up it would flood some of Mars!Scientist also know that the ice still on mars is underground and very very rare to find it on the surface on Mars!

Is there life on Mars?

In 1976, two Viking spacecraft landed on Mars to find out if there was life on the Red Planet.The experiments, however, provide very little about except that there were no signs of life.The last information received from the Viking Landers was sent to Earth in November 1982.There may be no life on Mars now, but could there have been life in the past?

How was your journey to Mars?

So how was your journey to Mars? I bet you had a blast. Mars is a planet that I know is the best and I hope you think so too!