By: Finnegan J. Secreast


Come on down to Ohio! The name of this state comes from an Iroquois Indian that means great river. The total population of this state is 11,544,225. This grand state borders Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The capital of this state is Columbus.

State History

Many famous people were born in this state including Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, James Garfeild and many other people. The first traffic light was made in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1803 Ohio became the 17th state. Arkon a city in Ohio was the first state to use police cars.

Fun Places to See and Things to Do

One of the things you can do in this state is go to one of the nine zoos. There are many places to see in Ohio including the rock and roll hall of fame, Ohio statehouse, and if you like football come on down to the Ohio football stadium. But there are many other places. You can also go see the ship the mayflower.
A tour of downtown Columbus Ohio