Product Project

Samsung Galaxy S4

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Here are some examples of where, how, and why people live where they do: People live in Arizona because they enjoy the weather, and people live in New England because they enjoy having the warm weather and the cold.


Globalization is Environmental, Technological, Cultural, And economic

Claim For Unit 1

My claim for Cultural geography unit 1 is all about geography, and the world.
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How Globalization relates to me

This is how globalization relates to me: I am constantly using technology throughout the day, I have the newer technology because in my economy there is well paying jobs that let people buy the things they want.

Enviromental globalization problems

My product being made affects the environment because it pollutes the air where it is being made in the factory, and when it comes over on a ship the ship uses up a lot of fuel to get it from china to the USA.

Cultural globalization problems

My product being made effects the culture because some of the process to making the phone is by machine, causing people to lose jobs.

Economic globalization problems

Enviromental Problem solution

One big way to stop the pollution coming out of the factories that make the Samsung phones is to make the plants run on solar power instead of electricity, Because the machines inside the factory will use lots of electricity causing the factories to produce lots of pollution.

Tracing my product

one main ingredient in many phones including the Samsung Galaxy phone is tin. Samsung obtains tin in obtained in China, Indonesia and, Malaysia. Cobalt is also an important material. Cobalt is a main ingredient in lithium ion batteries. Then the ingredients are shipped to different manufacturing plants in china and south Korea and are used to make the phone. When the phone is made it is sent by truck to the coastline where it is then put on a cargo ship to head to the US. When it is in the us it is put on a different truck and it is brought to new York to be shipped to all the different phone stores.