Digital Learning News 3-22-16

from your Digital Learning Team

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Raise Your Hand Texas Visits Birdville!

Four members of the Raise Your Hand Texas group visited Birdville ISD as the final step in the Blended Learning grant process. The group met with Dr. Brown and members of the BISD Blended team. They also visited a couple of English 1 classrooms at Richland High School and chatted with teachers and students. The top grant winners will be announced in April!
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Digital Learning Twitter Chat- TONIGHT from 8:00 - 8:30pm

Let's Talk About Creativity!

Just search #bisddlp on Twitter beginning at 8:00pm this evening to view and participate in tonight's Digital Learning Chat.

If you have time, look through the resources below to hear about thoughts on creativity and its role in schools of the future.

Here are tonight's questions:

Q1: Why is creativity an important skill for students to have?

Q2: What is the role of creativity in education?

Q3: How can teachers give students opportunities to be creative at school?

Do Schools Kill Creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson | TED Talks
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Digital Learning Blog Teacher Spotlights

BISD students are engaged in a variety of learning opportunities each day. Visit the Digital Learning Lounge blog to learn more about how teachers are using technology tools and resources that engage students in learning!

BCTAL: Education & Training students, Swivl for teacher preparation

Smithfield Middle: Ashley Hodgson, iMovie app in science

Richland High: Dr. Trudie Byers, BYOD video with Youtube for PSAs

Richland High: ELAR classes, flexible learning spaces in pod

Mullendore Elementary: Stefanie Woodard, iMovie trailers with QR codes

Watauga Elementary: 4th graders and kinder students, Chatterpix on iPads for autobiographies and science

Smithfield MS: Beth Muirheid, Adobe Voice to share Makerspace experiences

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Grow Your Mind: Learning Opportunities for YOU!

Now's the Time to Get Your Project Innovate iPad!

If you haven't received your Project Innovate iPad yet, now is your opportunity! Login to Eduphoria! and sign up now for an afternoon when you can attend training to receive your iPad. There are seven new sessions that begin at 4:00 or 4:30 PM in the coming weeks.

Approximately one week prior to training you will receive an email with a flipped learning experience that gives you prior learning and tasks that will be required before training.

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Resources for Learning

Elementary Tip of the Week: Share to Classroom Chrome Extension

Save time and create a more interactive class with the Share to Classroom Chrome extension. This extension allows you to push webpages to any of your Classroom classes so they open instantly on your students' computers. Get your students on the right page quickly and reliably every time. You can also post announcements, create assignments, or save webpages to post to Classroom later.

Elementary App of the Week: Google Classroom

Google Classroom helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. It is available to anyone with Google Apps for Education, a free suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive and Docs.
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Teacher Technology Tool of the Week: Gliffy! is a site where teachers can create online diagrams and flowcharts in any browser.

Student Technology Tool of the Week: Penzu! is a site where students can create private, searchable, online journals or diaries.
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Kelli Montgomery @KelliM11, Director of Digital Learning

Cheryl McKnight @cherylmck, Coordinator of Digital Learning

Karen Teeters @karenteeters222, Online Learning Specialist

Jennifer Miller @steamlearnlab, Learning Resources Specialist


Jennifer Canizares @jcanny72

Birdville, WT Francisco, Binion, Mullendore, Snow Heights, Porter, Spicer

Toni Hylander @technologytoni

Smithfield, Cheney, Stowe, Watauga, Foster Village, North Ridge, Walker Creek

Jeff Samuelson @jeff_samuelson

David E Smith, Richland, West Birdville, Holiday Heights, Hardeman, ACFT, Green Valley


Michael Hanson @Hansonits

Haltom HS, Haltom MS, Richland MS, North Ridge MS

Rashel Larson @rashellarson

Birdville HS, BCTAL, Smithfield MS, North Richland MS

Tosh McGaughy @ToshMcGaughy

Richland HS, Shannon HS, North Oaks MS, Watauga MS

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