January 16th Update

Information on exams!



Reminders for the week...

Hey Everyone,

Here is a reminder for what you will need to bring for exams next week...


Period 1- P.E/Health *** You must bring in your finished and typed HEALTH ESSAY! Any questions about it, email Mr. Lagor directly!!! Bring a silent reading book!

Period 2- English ***You need only a silent reading book!


Period 3-History *** You must have your study guide, textbook, notebook, and any handouts that will be helpful when taking the exam. Bring a silent reading book!

Period 4: Math *** You must have your math notebook and any handouts that may be helpful! Bring a silent reading book!


Period 5: Science *** You must have your study guide, textbook, notebook, and any handouts that may be helpful! Bring a silent reading book!

Period 6: Elective *** Bring whatever it is you need for this exam! Talk to your elective teacher if you are unsure. Bring a silent reading book!


Period 7: Academic Literacy *** You must bring in "A Christmas Carol" study guide, all handouts that went along with the reading, the and the novel itself. Bring a silent reading book!!

Make-Ups with medical note ONLY!

​Please email me over the weekend if you have any questions! ​

Exam Procedures...

Exam Procedures

* Students must be in school at the assigned times for exams. Students are not allowed in the corridors during exams.

* Once a student enters an exam room, he or she must remain there until the end of the exam period. No hall passes will be issued.

* The only acceptable excuses for missing exams are those approved by an administrator, such as a funeral or documented medical excuse (doctor’s note).

* Students who miss exams due to an unexcused absence must receive approval from an administrator to take the exam and will be penalized 10 percent per calendar day after the regularly scheduled date of their exam.

* Students must turn in their textbooks and are responsible for paying for lost texts. If lost, payment should be made prior to exam day so that exam time will not be interrupted.

* The WWHS Electronic Device’s Policy is fully enforced during the entire exam period.

*Lunches will be served from 10:45 - 11:05 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Buses will leave at 11:10 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and will leave at 9:15 on Friday.

Homework this weekend...

-Finish History Exam Study Guide

-Finish Health Essay

Last check for QUARTER 2 grades this week.....

Please make sure you are checking your grades on ASPEN and are not missing anything!!

Note from Ms. Ven!

GOOD LUCK with your exams!! You have been working very hard on preparing yourself for each and every exam and I am very proud of all of you! You will all do amazing, just keep calm and take each exam question by question!

Have a nice long weekend!! I will see you on Tuesday!

Ms. Ven