The Tim Times

Tim VanderWal

A Man Once Stuck on Land

On Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 3:16 P.M, the International Rescue Unit was alerted that famous writer and hunter, Sanger Rainsford, went overboard when he tried to see where a series of gun shots were coming from. He drifted onto Ship-Trap island safely, but noticed some strange things in the sand. “I was both scared and excited to make land. My feelings changed more to fear as soon as I saw the dragged feet marks in the sand. I had known that the island was a terrible place, but I had no idea that it was as bad as I found it to be.” Mr. Rainsford then continued onto land, just to find a tall building that looked to him as safely, but finds he was wrong. “The man looked like a nice guy, but I was so wrong.” Rainsford explained everything to the officials. “[Zaroff] was challenging me to something I would call the most dangerous game.” Sanger was forced to come up with deceptive tricks, and brutal traps to survive. “Zaroff gave me three days, so therefore I survived.” The game was to apparently survive three days before Zaroff goes to kill the running person. “ I had survived the three days, but just to be sure this would never happen again, I killed [Zaroff.]” When The International Rescue Unit found Sanger Rainsford, they searched the building Rainsford had said Zaroff used to live at, and did in fact General Zaroff’s dead body next to his bed.

September 24, 2015