What To Do With Those Pesky Scantrons!

Common Assessments - Round 3

On Testing Day

Please be sure all students bubble in their answers. The biggest challenges in accurate DMAC scoring are: 1) NO ANSWER BUBBLED on the scantron, 2) answers not bubbled darkly 3) more than one answer bubbled and 4) stray marks on the scantron. You may remind them to make sure their answers are bubbled dark and neat. The state will not be as forgiving as we are. Please help us ensure their success by watching for these errors. IN THE END, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING EACH STUDENTS SCANTRON FOR ERRORS.

Please follow the following instructions for turning in scantrons:

  1. Check ALL scantrons for the above mentioned errors BEFORE turning in.
  2. Alphabetize all scantrons by class.
  3. Paperclip each alphabetized class separately.
  4. Place ALL scantrons back in manila envelope.
  5. Turn in envelope when ALL testing is complete for your ALL of your classes by Friday (except absences - they will be handled on an individual basis when the student returns). In other words, DO NOT turn them in "one class at a time".
  6. Please turn in your envelope directly to me (if I am on campus) and I will check you off the list. If I am not on campus, turn the envelope in to the secretary. She will take your envelope and check you off the list. DO NOT PLACE ENVELOPES OR SCANTRONS IN MY MAILBOX OR MY DOOR BOX (SES).

ALL SCANTRONS MUST BE TURNED IN BY FRIDAY JANUARY 17, 2014 AT THE LATEST (with the exception of absent students only).

Scantrons will be returned to your box with your reports on January 21, 2014. Grades for this assessment must be in the gradebook on January 22, 2014


All teachers who to return their answer documents by Friday, JANUARY 17, 2014 and who have followed the ALL the above procedures will have their name placed in a drawing for a $20 gift card to Sonic! (The drawing will take place AFTER the answer documents are scored so that I can check that procedures were followed)

Thanks for all you do and...Happy Testing!!!