Crime and Punishment

Project by Garett Neises

What about it.

Crime and punishment is a story about violence for the good of mankind, even if it's against the law. I believe that Rodion is in the right, because he is ridding the world of evil. Though it's against the law and that other people may have been affected, his only true sin was that her sister was murdered as well. In my opinion, if the murder is justified, as in if you're ridding the world of evil or in self defense, it should be legal. It doesn't matter if family or friends of the deceased are affected, the murder is justified. The man or woman involved with or who carried out the murder, unless overcome with an extreme feeling of guilt or rethought of if it, should be tried and persecuted and proven that it was okay. I feel the author if the book, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, had an excellent understanding of criminals and the prosecutors.

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Hi! I'm Garett Neises! I wrote this smore!

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