The Postwar Boom


T.V. had cut into the profitable movie production market in the 1950's. T.v.'s had become very popular because citizens could watch it in their homes. The thought crossed many minds that there would no longer be a Hollywood. But Hollywood held on, they had grabbed the attention of the audience by size, color, and stereophonic sound. T.V.'s at the time were still black and white. They also created a three-dimensional feel to the movies in the 50's.

Elvis Presley

Presley brought rock'n'roll to teens around the country. He was called the unofficial "King of Rock". He was discovered by Sam Phillips in his early years and in 1955 he sold his first contract to RCA. Elvis started the rock'n'roll genre for those all around America. He mostly had an impact on teens of the 50's and into the ages till Elvis passed away. Elvis is still popular today in the 21st century, you hear his songs on the radio occasionally. He was so popular that when you hear him you know who he is.