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Waco Mammoths found!

Mammoths Found

The habitat of the Colombian mammoth ranges from Mexico all the way south to Costa Rica. At that time, most of the areas were covered with grass, herbaceous plants, many trees, and shrubs. There were also some wooded areas. The Colombian mammoths shared their habitat with many animals such as Glyptodon (looks like a giant armadillo) , Saber toothed cat, and Ground Sloths.
What eventually killed off the Colombian mammoth is unknown. Although many people think it was due to them being hunted by humans because they found fossils that show wounds made by humans. Although it seems must unlikely that humans would be able to actually kill them all. Others think that they died off due to a comet hitting the earth and changing the atmosphere and others think it could have been disease.
Regardless, bones were found in Waco and we have proof of their existence in Texas.

How Local Religous People Feel

Local Creationists are trying to figure out a way to bring science into their religion, because science is starting to out rule religion, well it at least seems that way in my eyes. They have a hard time making the history of the world with dinosaurs work with the Biblical story of Creation and the creation of man. In the Bible God creates the Earth and man in His image but the Bible does not mention dinosaurs.
The Creationist Museum's (Glen Rose, TX) website talks about the Burdick footprint as existing alongside the dinosaurs' prints. For them, possible man came first as described in the Bible. It seems ike they're trying to put the Bible and science together, because of how strong their belief is. All in all it seems there is sort of a weird shaking reaction to all of this.
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Dinosaur Dig Model

For my scale model I drew a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which has the average height of 40 ft. high and 20 feet long. The model shows how tall it is compared to a 6 ft. tall male human. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is a carnivore, which means it only eats meat. The closest relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex is a chicken. The Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the Cretaceous Period.