My Cruise!!!


Chapter .

Driving to my cruise part 1 .

Trey come on we're leaving. One second mom i’m getting my shoes on. Oh gosh we're going to be in this van forever but at least it is big and I get room but it still is going to be a long time. Trey come on! Ok mom. This is going to

suck because i dont even have my ipod but that is another story. Trey were going to miss the cruise. I'm getting in the van. Trying to get to the back it is long thin because my

brothers are too big for their seat.

Ok im in the back. Now lets skip the boring stuff. I was in that car forever now were at the first hotel now were entering the hotel. Ok now their talking this is BORING. Mom! Mom! Mom! Can we go to the room now. Ok, said mom .Who am i sharing a room with

Chapter 2

Driving Part 2 .

Doug and me. Dang it. I need my own room so I get some peace and quiet.

Later that night. Hey mom can i go to the pool. No Trey it’s super late. Come on mom please Trey wake up early and swim the next morning fine. About an hour later this bed is uncomfortable I’m going to play the ipad. 5 mins later. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Next morning. Everybody is packing up nooo… I’m not early i'm late crap

I better get packing.

My mom walks in. Trey time to go ok mom

Now what u have been waiting for my cruise!!!


Chapter 3 .

My Cruise Well Part Of It .

Were finally unpacking I cant wait to jump into that pool I'm really hot right now a person is checking our bags and my mom takes away our ipods,iphones and ipads. She says we need to leave that stuff in the car ,but mom the car might be robbed while we're gone. Yea sure we are Trey.K lets go in. ok. We have to walk in a straight line the we turn then we walk straight again we couldn't we just walk straight.Lets go in everybody is in the lobby.The speaker squeaks blah, blah, blah like i care. Now Me and my mom gets this sticker on my card and now I can always have free pop on the cruise I also get this cup thing and I already lose it now we go to the top floor the pool

And thats all the time i have.

but ...


dun dun dun


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