Johnson's Plan 4 Reconstruction

Andre Bailey


After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, vice president Andrew Johnson was assigned. He created a new plan for reconstruction instead of following Lincoln's old plan. First, pardons would be given to states that swore oath to the Union and no pardons would be given to Confederate officials, second a state needed to abolish slavery before being admitted, and lastly a state needed to repeal its secession ordinance before being readmitted

Freedmen's Bureau

Established by Congress in 1865 to help former slaves and poor whites assimilate into society after the war.

Civil Rights Act 1866

This was the first United States law to define U.S. citizenship and assured all citizens that they were equally protected by the law.

Black Codes

Laws formed by southern states to restrict African American freedoms.

Response: Was Life Better?

I do think life for freed slaves was better after the civil war. Though they were still discriminated they were no longer forced to work or punished for not working or trying to leave. They had more choices as freed men and could do more with their lives because they were under government protection.