Amana Fifth Grade Newsletter Update

Friday, September 16, 2016

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News from Ms. Hess

Please see your child's planner or Friday Folder for information regarding October PLPs (Personal Learning Plans). I have attached information confirming the times for those who have already signed up for times in your child's planner. If you have not scheduled a time, I have included a yellow sheet requesting times in their Friday Folder. Please send your time preferences back to me next week, so that I can schedule a time to share with you about your child!

Next week is Homecoming week at the high school. In celebration, we will have the following fun themed days:

  • Monday-- Pajama Day

  • Tuesday-- Hat Day

  • Wednesday-- Wacky Wednesday

  • Thursday-- Color Day

    • PS- Red, Kind- Blue, 1st- Green, 2nd-Black, 3rd-Orange, 4th-Gray, 5th-Yellow

  • Friday-- Clipper Blue and White Day

Help Needed!

Next week, we will be working on learning how to publish and present information about ourselves on three different online platforms. Fifth graders will also learn to receive an image through email of their family and pets to add to their presentation.

Please send your child an email with an electronic image of his/her family, him/herself, and pets (if applicable) for next week. You may want to inquire what other "big ideas" your child would want to have images shared. Your child's email address is:


Learning Goals This Week:

Reading: I can recognize when my mind wanders as I read, and tune back into my thinking. (Metacognition). I can recognize the elements of plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution).

Math: I can read and write numbers through the thousands in standard, expanded, and word form.

Writing: I can explain the difference between revising my writing and editing my writing.

Science: I can make, record, and communicate my observations about making a mixture.

Time Traveling: I can identify the states and locate them on a map.

Important Dates

  • 9/20 - Girls on the Run Practice 3:15 - 4:30
  • 9/22 - Girls on the Run Practice 3:15 - 4:30
  • 9/24 - CCA District Color Fun Run!
  • 10/11 - Individual School Picture Day
  • CCA Color Fun Run!

    CCA District Color Fun Run

    Saturday, 9/24

    5K & 1 mile start at 3 p.m. @ CCA High School

    Register at: (see link below) or fill out a paper registration form in the office.

    Girls on the Run has reached capacity!

    Our Girls on the Run team has hit its capacity at 20 girls. Thanks to all those who spread the word about Girls on the Run!

    Thank you,

    Coach Heather Hess and Vanessa Krejci

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