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Awesome 5th Grade Math

In 5th grade math we just had a test in geometry. I hope you guys did GREAT!!!!! If you didn’t its fine, this unit was hard so study hard, get lots of rest, and don’t stress out, you are going to do great! This unit is decimals and number lines. If you didn’t get geometry I hope you have fun learning this. I wish you all good luck in 5th grade math!!!!!

By: Katelyn Payne

Super Spectacular Specials

Every child is participating In specials whether it is band, PE, music, choir, or art. This quarter, Ms. Stevens is teaching a new song in band. PE is doing the pacer to test your endurance with Ms. Knuth and Heath. In music we will be learning music notes and playing games with our new teacher, Ms. James. Choir will be taught a new song with Ms. Bentley for the spring concert. All art students will be creating coiled clay bowls with the fabulous Mrs. Hilbert!

By: Makinzie Whaley

Stupendous Social Studies

Attention all 5th grade students and parents! Jump into your time machine, because we are going back to 1775! Why you say? Because in Social Studies, we are acting as people from the American Revolutionary War for the Wax Museum 2016. Each student will choose an important person that played an important part in the American Revolutionary War. After they choose a person, they will have to look up information on their person so your child can create a monologue, a costume, a few props, a glog, and a bibliography. Then on Friday, February 12, your child will present their monologue, costume, props, glog, and bibliography. Parents ARE allowed to come! It will be at 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. in the library and science lab (Mrs. Holly will let you know if there are any changes). Come and support your child! Thank you!

-Sophia K. Topolosek


Historical Figure Chosen – Due Tuesday, 9/19/16

Wax Museum Notes and Bibliography - Due Monday, 1/25/16

Monologue – Friday, 1/29/16

Glog, Poster, or Power Point – Due Friday, 2/5/16

Costume/Props – Due Tuesday, 2/9/16

Monologue Memorized – Due Thursday, 2/11/16

Wax Museum – Friday, 2/12/16

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are 14-3 this season and still have momentum going into the NFC title game. Arizona beat Green Bay last week in overtime. The game ended on a shovel pass to Fitzgerald which ended up a touchdown. Speaking of Larry Fitzgerald he has had over 1,200 yards receiving this season and was on the cover of SI for his second time in the 2015 season. Moving on to the other side of the ball Patrick Peterson caught an interception for 99 yards! Sadly it was held back because of a penalty on defensive lineman Frostee Rucker. Cardinals will be playing against Carolina in NFC title game the game kicks off at 4:40 on Fox channel 10

-Aurturo Whipple

Kindness Week

Kindness Week is here! So stay kind!

Monday: Wear blue

Tuesday: Rock and roll

Wednesday: sports day

Thursday: beach day

Friday:PJ day