GTi Services

Austin Elementary

August 2017

GTi Services in the Classroom

One of the privileges of my role as GTi Specialist is that I get to interact with a remarkable group of learners and educators on a daily basis. These incredible people never cease to amaze me with their intellect, creativity, courage, and concern for the people and the world around them. My days are unpredictable, varied, crazy busy, and full of surprises...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Recently I have had the opportunity to:

  • discuss needs of GTi learners with Kindergarten and 5th grade educators
  • participate in a Breakout EDU session with 5th grade learners
  • problem solve with 5th grade learners as they designed and engineered working rafts

Projects Coming

Some learners demonstrate a need for services above and beyond what can be offered in the regular classroom. I will be meeting with these learners in the coming week to identify their goals and needs for the coming year. Together, we will design learning experiences to meet those needs and help them reach those goals.

Strength Based Learning Teams

These small multi-age learning groups are designed to provide additional opportunities for challenge and enrichment in an area of strength for learners who have demonstrated a need. This year, I will be working with two groups of learners in the area of math.

  1. Math Olympiad - 4th/5th Grade
  2. Problem Solving - 2nd/3rd Grade

Enrichment Opportunities

Throughout the year, I will use this space to share information about enrichment opportunities outside of school. Various opportunities arise throughout the year, so be sure to check in often.

Copppell Gifted Association Speaker Series

I am excited to share that the Coppell Gifted Association (CGA) Speaker Series will continue this year. Events will take place periodically throughout the year. The cost of each event is $5.00, but that fee is waived for CGA members. As an added benefit this year, a CGA membership entitles you to a free membership to Texas Association for Talented and Gifted (TAGT). Click on the link below for more information about the services of Coppell Gifted Association.

Austin Elementary CGA Representative Needed

I am currently looking for a parent of a learner receiving GT services at Austin Elementary to represent Austin as the CGA rep for the 2017-2018 school year. This person will serve as a liaison between Coppell Gifted Association and Austin Elementary.

If you are interested, please contact me by email, and I will pass your name along to the CGA board.

2017-2018 Schedule Coming Soon