ActivTable Exploration

Hands On Time with the ActivTable

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What happens at your table?

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Photo by Tim Lauer @timlauer

What happens at this table?

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Photo by Flickr User Mtneer_Man

The Table Vision

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Consensus
  • Creativity

Sample Activity

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Some Ideas To Play With

  • Make a visual schedule

    • What will we do today? Pull pictures from clipart or web to show schedule-set expectations-routine for the day.

  • Classify 3D vs. 2D shapes

  • Social Stories

    • Emotion classification- pictures to emotions

    • What should he/she do in this situation? Use pictures to tell the story and potentially pictures to respond with non-verbal students

  • Family

    • Bring pictures on flashdrive of family members

    • Work with students to understand family and relationships

  • Calendar Time
  • Phonics

Nuts & Bolts


  • LCD Touchscreen

  • Windows 8 Computer

  • 60 pts of touch - very sensitive - bracelets, wrist, etc.

  • Power

  • Wifi enabled

  • Legs/wheels/brakes

  • Connectivity panel
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Explore Hardware

Main Menu

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Menu Content

  • Training
  • Lock the Table
  • Settings
  • Power/Logoff
  • Users/Groups
  • Manage Activities
  • Activity Session
  • Activities & Applications

The Windows Side

Activity Builder


Tracy Clark M.S.

Where to go for more help on the ActivTable?