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A Newsletter for Employees of the Mexico59 August 31, 2016

Email and SISK12

We have had intermittent reports of emails not functioning correctly, some going out and some coming in. There may be an issue with emails that are generated inside of SISK12, either from you to parents, or from parents back to you.

If you have had issues, notice anything or become aware of anything, please let Dana Hunt know so we can try and pinpoint the problem.

Employee Handbook

Everyone must read the Employee Handbook, sign the last page, and return that page to their respective supervisor by SEPTEMBER 16, 2016.

Raise your Hands for Kids - Proposed Amendment on the November ballot


This proposed amendment is a 60-cent increase in tobacco tax (phased on over 4-years), with the proceeds designated for early childhood programs.

It is interesting to note there is not unanimous support (or opposition) for the proposal. On one hand, supporters include MSBA, MO PTA and RJ Reynolds. Opponents include MRTA, American Cancer Society, and The American Heart Association.

That list in-of-itself should pique your curiosity to learn more.

For many in the education realm, at issue is a clause that would allow the proceeds to be distributed to private schools.

As always, I'm not advocating for or against, but that you become educated on the issue and that you cast a vote. And encourage your students to do the same. Students can register at 17 and a half and vote if they are 18 by election day.


Congratulations Sue Nixon and Kayla Hildebrand

Two Mexico School District #59 received $250 Scholarships. Click here for the article.

Social Media and the School District

Facebook and social media are becoming ubiquitous. We have several official social media accounts managed by various individuals within the school system. Policy (and prudence) dictate that we have administrative access to those accounts. If you have or desire a Facebook page for your class, group or club, start with the approval of your immediate supervisor and then please follow the proper procedures at this link.


A+ Grants

The A+ Grant Application and Letter are available online on the District Website. Staff>Document Center. They are located in the gray box labeled Related Info. http://mexicoschools.net/page.php?p=2644

Remember, anything technology related MUST go through Dana Hunt. She will make sure it will work with the network and she will get you pricing.

All grants are due to Bethany Collins by Noon Friday, September 23, 2016. They must be signed by your administrator and the teacher. Please follow the guidelines on filling out the application.

Bright Futures Mexico is now part of Bright Futures Audrain

Bright Futures Mexico is proud to announce that we are now part of a county wide Bright Futures group called Bright Futures Audrain. THIS IS THE FIRST COUNTY WIDE GROUP IN THE COUNTRY! Below are some flyers for the three initiatives that will be going on in September, October, and November. If you have items you want to drop off, the locations are listed on the flyer or you may send them to Jo Ann Diffenderfer at the Central Office.

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Bulldog Bytes

Bulldog Bytes will be available in your in box each Wednesday (with some exceptions around Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Summer break). Send items to be published to jdiffenderfer@mexico.k12.mo.us. These items can be wedding photos, birth announcements/photos, fund raisers for sports and civic clubs, and other district wide communication needs.