Mrs. Hensler's Helpful Hints

2/3 Multiage Classroom

Week of 1/12 - 1/16

Welcome Back! I hope everyone enjoyed their E-Learning and Snow Days!

CHANGES to Weekly Reading Log!

This 9 weeks we will not be using our weekly Reading Log. Instead I would like to challenge students to reflect on what they are reading. I still encourage all students to read 20 minutes per evening and once on the weekends. However, this will not be "logged" like it was last semester. Parents you are welcome - That's right NO more initials every night or before the bus the next morning. Instead our new method will require more responsibility for your child.

I will post a Reading Response Question for your child to reflect on. These questions will be higher level thinking questions. This question will tie into what we are discussing and learning about in class.

For example, this week we are going to be discussing point of view, a Reading Response Question might be "How might the story be different if told from a different character's point of view? Write at least 1 paragraph from another character's perspective."

I will post these questions on our class website on Monday. Students will be able to type their answer directly into our Google Classroom (accessed through Google Docs) I understand that some, but not all, students have access to the internet at home. If this is the case your child may type their Reading Response Question Essay at home. However, if your child does not have access to the internet at home. They can still work on their Reading Response! Students can hand write their essay at home (or take detailed notes at home throughout the week) and type them at school. Students can work on this assignment once other in class assignments have been completed. This will require students to use time-management skills to complete the assignment. Each week the essays will need to be posted by Sunday night. Weekly Reading Response Essays will be graded. I will send home a rubric. The rubric will also be available on our class website.

Note - Students will still be required to read Journey's Text on Tuesday & Thursday Nights. This is crucial because your child's Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Tests (on Fridays) come directly from the Journey's Text. We RARELY focus on this text during the week, instead we read mentor texts to focus on the same skills at a more advanced content level.

Reading Response Question

If a character in your book made a New Year’s Resolution, what would it be? Why? Use text evidence from the story to support your answer. Remember to be specific, there is a good chance the reader of your essay has not yet read the book! You will need to briefly summarize the book (or the book so far, if you haven’t finished it) before you begin your paragraph response. You may write more than one paragraph if you wish.

Remember to include:

  • Title of your book

  • Author

  • Brief Summary

  • Your (1) paragraph Reading Response

Report Cards

Report cards will be sent home Tuesday, January 13th! Please sign and return the envelope. You may keep the actual report card.

Snow Day ELearning

If school is closed due to weather please note that we will have an E Learning Day! This means that students are required to do assignments/activities at home. Because our school has been granted this opportunity to participate in E Learning Days, we will NOT be required to make these days up at the end of the year. Last semester we practiced a mock Snow Day. If your child has access to the internet they will need to go to the "SNOW DAY" tab at the top of our class website. If your child does not have access to the internet they will be given a "Snow Packet" to complete in advance. They will have one assignment in reading, math, and writing.

If there are any questions regarding E Learning Assignments. I will be available via email at

Check Out Our Class Website!

I have uploaded HUNDREDS of new pictures from the month of December! Enjoy!

I will keep our website updated daily. On our website you will find pictures of our learning in action! We will also use our website to post our weekly newsletters, spelling words, vocabulary words, class projects, etc.!

Spelling Practice & Tic-Tac-Toe Sheets

This is just a reminder that the Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe sheet contains simply optional ideas to practice spelling words. Students can choose ANY activity to study spelling words. For example, your child can spell them aloud while riding in the car, write them out like a practice spelling test, or log in to spelling city and play an online game with their spelling words. Tic-Tac-Toe activities are optional. However, your child is required to practice their spelling words 3x per week. If your child chooses to do another activity please note this in the margin or on the back of their Tic-Tac-Toe sheet. Your child will receive full credit for homework as long as they complete 3 activities. Parent signature is required if a hard copy cannot be turned in (i.e. spelled words with shaving cream). If you have any questions please let me know!

This Week's Lessons

Writing -

  • How to Essays

Language -

  • Pronoun/Verb Agreement
  • Proper Nouns

Reading -

  • Author's Purpose
  • Point of View
  • Summarizing

Social Studies- Government and Citizenship

2nd Grade

Math -

Topic 8: Adding Two-Digit Numbers

Anchor Text - Helen Keller - Biography & Talking Tools

3rd Grade

Math -

Topic 8: Division Facts

Anchor Text - "Aero and Officer Mike" & "Kids & Critters"