A hero dead or alive

By Isabel

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My great-grandpa Paul

One day he was playing sports with is friends, the next he was being wheeled around. My great-grandpa Paul was diagnosed with polio at age twelve. Although he couldn't always play with his friends he didn't get sad or bored. My great-grandpa Paul loved his friends and family. He inspired so many that a school is named after him. Despite having polio, my great-grandpa Paul lived his life to the fullest. That is one of the many reasons why he is my hero.

The con man on crutches

Growing up, you imagine a hero flying around, wearing capes, and saving thousands of people with their strength. But are those the only qualities a hero has? Once you put the story books down, you realize a hero is full of admirable traits. A hero can be courageous, caring, generous, or makes you feel better, but, a hero isn't limited to these traits. They don't have to be famous. They don't do it for glory, and most of all they don't have to make a huge impact on the world to be a hero. A hero is someone who inspires you to better yourself. If they affect your life positively they can be a hero. According to Google, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities. ​To me, a hero is someone who you look up to, and inspires you to better yourself.

​​A hero is a woman who wins the lottery, then donates it to a children's hospital. Imagine children needing medicine and machines that are necessary for them to survive, but the hospital can't afford to buy them. Consider the slim possibility, almost impossible chance, of winning the lottery. The woman had won the lottery with almost no chance of winning and was incredibly selfless. She gave up millions of dollars that she could've used to help herself, instead she wasn't materialistic. She decided to use the money to helps thousands of children instead of herself. She is a true hero.

A hero is someone who inspires you to better yourself, and that is exactly what my great-grandpa Paul is. Even though I never met him, my great-grandpa Paul taught me to use what you have to your full potential. He had polio, but he didn’t let that stop him from living his life. Since he couldn’t use his legs, he didn’t run around playing sports like the other kids. Instead he spent his time expanding his knowledge by reading. My great-grandpa Paul then devoted himself to charitable causes. Many times people with disabilities are the ones receiving help, in this case, he was the one with a disability who was helping others.

Every time I hear about my great-grandpa Paul I wished that I met him. Hearing my grandfather talk about his dad makes my great-grandpa Paul seem like the most amazing person. My great-grandpa Paul is a hero because he puts others before him even though sometimes he needs help. Many think that his life would’ve been a struggle but he never acted like he was any different or deserved special attention. Instead he devoted himself to giving back and trying to improve the world around him.

In my head

In my head

I fight

I run

I sprint

In my head

I’m healthy

I’m social

I’m just like any other kid

In my head

But only in my head

On the bleachers

I watch my friends

I watch the girls

I watch them run

I watch them jump

I watch them cheer

On the bleachers

I try to congratulate them

I try to play with them

But I stay

On the bleachers

And only on the bleachers

In the chair

I read

I live

I love

In the chair

I am happy

I am fulfilled

In the chair

My life was lived.

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Connection to my hero

I picked places to see in Norway because my great-grandpa Paul was Norwegian. My great-grandpa Paul’s parents were both born in Norway. This makes my great-grandpa Paul the first generation of his family to be born in America. Learning about places to see in Norway interests me because I am part Norwegian. I have also always wanted to go to Norway with my family. After researching about Norway I learned many new things about the country. This project has opened my eyes to all the amazing things and places Norway has to offer.
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