Colonial Times

October 19, 2018

We've been in school for how long?!?

It is hard to believe, but we are already through more than half of October, our first set of progress reports have been sent out, and we are coming up to the end of the first marking period! Time is truly flying! Please continue to check your child's progress in Skyward and Canvas, and if you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher.

Attendance Notes

Please be sure to turn in absence notes within three days of your child's return to school. This is to ensure that your child's absences are not illegal. Additionally, if you are taking a trip during the school year, a Family Trip Request Form must be submitted to the school two weeks prior to the trip. Thank you for your help with this!

Log College Fall Sports This Week...

Log College football continued their winning streak on 10/18 by beating Tohickon 38-16, bringing our team to 3-1 for the season. Great job boys!

Our soccer team lost a tough and hard fought game to Tamanend 5-3 on 10/18. Great effort boys!

Field Hockey tied strong Tamanend team 1-1 on 10/18. Nice job ladies!

Volleyball played New Hope on Tuesday, 10/16 and Newtown on Thursday, 10/18. The girls handily beat New Hope 25-17 and 25-9. The girls had some tough losses to Newtown 25-17 and 25-22. Good work this week!

Great job to all of our Log College Teams! Log vs. Klinger games are all coming up soon. Stay tuned!

Hurricane Relief

Log College's Kindness Club, under the leadership of Ms. Ball helped to raise $435 for New Hanover School District in North Carolina to aid in relief from Hurricane Florence. Thanks to all the students and families that donated to this worthy cause!

From Mr. Watkins' Science Classes...

Seventh Grade Science

This year we have already completed our first three labs and are off to an excellent start.

Students have explored the physical properties of density, volume mass and measurement. They have identified unknown solids using density calculations and have a good understanding of the 21 units in the metric system. We have been measuring, weighing and displacing our way through unit one. We are beginning to explore physical and chemical changes as well as properties. We will continue to work with the properties of matter and explore different forms of energy as the year progresses. We have accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time and students should be proud of themselves!

Eighth Grade Science

The school year has been off to a great start! We have explored the Scientific Method and completed our Airplane Flight experiments! In addition, we have launched our new Amplify Science program and have been exploring the world of Microbiomes and fecal transplants. Students have drafted Scientific arguments including evidence that supports fecal transplants and microbiome research. The arguments were drafted as press releases , to convince a senator to fund microbiome research. Students have been doing an awesome job!

Both classes have been introduced formally to the class pet, our Ball Python Kaa, he is over 600 grams now and feeding on frozen rats. Students were surprised to see that he is a big baby and rolls into a ball when scared. His ancestors come from the Sudan and live in dark burrows for most of their lives. Kaa lives in a custom enclosure that Mr. Watkins ordered through Herptastic Reptiles, the enclosure mimics his natural habitat and keeps Kaa safe and snug when he is not helping to teach. He will be used to help teach genetics as he is a hybrid snake that has been bred for specific traits and also to help teach temperature and about vertebrates as well as reptile husbandry.

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