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Family Newsletter - October 4 - 17

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Message from Mrs. Johnson

Greetings, Spark Online Community!

Fall is upon us bringing crisp cool mornings, beautiful colors, and rounding the corner toward the end of quarter one at Spark Online Academy. Our students have been hard at work during the past few weeks building skills and demonstrating their understanding in a variety of ways.

One of the foundational elements of Spark Online's instructional model is to provide multiple opportunities for our students to develop skills for success in life. We use the District 11 Graduate Profile as the basis for the development of these critical skills for success.


In the coming weeks, all Spark students will be engaged in their first showcase of learning and student-led conferences. Both of these events provide an opportunity for all students to develop both the Skilled Communicator and Continuous Learner competencies.

We find the development of the skills on our D11 Graduate Profile to be our primary responsibility in the education of our learners to ensure our students experience success in their post-K-12 life, regardless of their life path.

As the parent of two grown children, each choosing different career paths, I can attest to the importance of this set of whole-child competencies for success. Spark Online is dedicated to looking at student growth and achievement through this wide-angle view of learning performance and readiness for success in life and will partner with you in the development of these skills.

In this newsletter, you’ll find information on:

  • Important dates
  • Showcase of Learning
  • Spark Hour Round 2 Offerings
  • Grading at Spark
  • Student-Led Conferences

As always, please reach out with any questions or information needs. It’s an honor and privilege to partner with all of you in the success and development of our learners.

Committed to your student's success,

Julie Johnson

Principal, Spark Online Academy

719-328-4302 Office

719-322-6270 Cell

Important Dates Ahead


  • 5 - D11 Creating Ecosystems of Equity Community Cafe - Mitchell High School 5:30
  • 8 - Spark Online Showcase of Learning (Virtual Only) 1:45
  • 14 - Last day of 1st quarter
  • 15 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Work Day
  • 15 - Student Picture Day (if you were not able to on earlier options)
  • 18 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Data Collaboration Day
  • 21 - D11 Creating Ecosystems of Equity Community Cafe - Doherty High School 5:30
  • Week of October 25 - Student-led learning progress conferences

Spark Online Academy Showcase of Learning

Friday, Oct. 8th, 1:45-2:45pm

This is an online event.

Please join us on Friday, October 8, at 1:45 to hear our students share a proud learning moment and practice communication skills.

Use the link below Friday, October 8 at 1:45.

Showcase Kickoff


Spark Hour - Round 2 begins this Wednesday

Our next round of Spark Online Academy offerings begins on Wednesday, October 6. Last Wednesday, all students were given the opportunity to select which Spark Hour they would attend.

Students will join their Spark Hour selection on Wednesdays by accessing the links on your classroom teacher's Seesaw or Schoology homepage.

Overviews of each Spark Hour offering can be viewed using the QR code to the right,

Grid number 179aa2df if needed.

Grading at Spark Online Academy

Spark Online Academy uses a standards-based proficiency grading system for all students. This allows us to communicate your child's learning growth in relation to specific skill development. In traditional grading systems, other factors beyond skill performance might be included in a student's reported performance.

What you'll notice in your child's report card is a proficiency level on each of the Colorado Academic Standards (CDE STANDARDS LINKED HERE) for each content area and Habits of Work. Parents, guardians, and students will get a more specific and detailed picture of student growth and achievement.

This will help both parent/guardian and student to know and communicate where they are in their learning growth for each specific standard. This provides an explanation of skills a student has shown grade-level expectations proficiency, and what skills are still in progress of attaining proficiency.

Below you will see the proficiency-based scoring system and an example of a student proficiency reporting in "Read, Write, and Communicate" and in "Habits of Work".

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Student Led Conferences

Our learning progress conferences will be held the week of October 25. Your student will guide the meeting by sharing their learning growth, challenges, and goals they have set for quarter 2. These student-led conferences will take place each quarter.

Your child will be practicing for their conference in the next few weeks using work samples and a reflective goal-setting process to plan for continued learning growth.

We are excited to help our students build their confidence, self-knowledge, and communication skills by talking about their learning journey with their number one supporters of parents and teachers.

About Spark Online Academy

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