Top 50 reasons to care about pandas

Mary Firestone

I have read many types of books on Pandas

Pandas are really cute and fun animals they are actually endanger animal I just hate to here that they are. Pandas are really smart animals they come in many sizes and types of Pandas. Pandas are really smart animals they come in many sizes and my favorite type of panda is the Red panda to read more about the red panda go down below red pandas are actually related to raccoon’s very surprising.

I read many of books and on that I would consider an awesome book is Animals in Peril by: Mary Firestone

Pandas are symbols of peace. Besides being well known for their black and white coats and cute, cuddly looks, pandas possess many other unique traits that make them special. Did you know their pupils are slit-shaped like a cat’s to help them see better in the dark? Or that female pandas bark to say hello? These gentle giants have been symbols of peace in China for hundreds of years. Read fifty fun facts about pandas that make these magnificent creatures a species worth saving from extinction and how you can help.

Mairah Animal

I am a expert on pandas

I know i am expert because i read alot of book on pandas and researches on pandas i am not an scientist nerd but i am good with animals and pandas ther most