Term 1 Week 11 April 2023

Principal Report

A perfect end to a wonderful Term 1, 2023

Conversations, laughter, social catch ups, coffee, hot cross buns and outstanding Easter hats made for a wonderfully uplifting end to Term 1. It was such a great feeling to see so many families attend this morning's festivities.

Thank you also to all of our wonderful parents for your efforts in helping with the creation of Easter hats for our parade. It was beautiful to see students K-6 so excited to parade in front of their families.

Our P&C did a fabulous job with all their efforts in organising our Easter Raffle and for the time put in to making the Easter hampers. They looked absolutely fabulous. It was wonderful to see the looks of excitement on students faces when their name was called out and they were able to choose one of the delicious Easter hampers.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the raffle. I am so grateful to be part of such a supportive and generous community. It was truly overwhelming to see the contributions that were made.

Have a safe and happy holiday

I want to wish you all a safe and wonderful Easter break. Enjoy being able to spend quality time together and getting outdoors. I look forward to welcoming all students back next term when we return on Wednesday 26 April.

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PBL Rewards Day

What a wonderful day it was seeing students beaming with excitement from the moment they arrived at school. Students work hard throughout the term and it is wonderful to see them enjoy a great range of chosen activities throughout the day to celebrate their success. I saw students getting their face painted, enjoying spider drinks and popcorn and a movie after recess. There were many interesting names, some funky hair-do’s and some creative mufti attire that added to the hype of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning tea with students and the conversations that were had about what they had enjoyed most about the term and their exciting holiday plans.

ANZAC service

Today our school celebrated ANZAC day with a special assembly where students laid wreaths that they had created in their classrooms. We were able to welcome two guests from the Terrigal RSL sub-branch who both have a particular connection to Erina Heights Public School. Luke Hill who had all three of his children attend Erina Heights and David Ferry who attended Erina Heights throughout his Primary school years.

Mrs MacDonald

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K-2 Arts Day

On Friday 31st March some students in K-2 participated in a Visual Arts day. In 2H, we were very lucky to have Brooke Cameron, a local Aboriginal artist come and share her artwork and discuss techniques she used in her portraits. She then helped the students to create some fabulous portraits of Mrs MacDonald.

Mrs C did a step by step drawing of some gorgeous crabs that were scuttling across the sand. Miss Kay did a coral reef painting with students, where they had to use watercolours and black oil pastels. Mrs Hall looked at the various shapes and textures in shells and then students created their own unique shells. Lastly, in 1/2B students created an underwater scene of a turtle swimming towards the surface, creating depth in their designs.

I want to congratulate all students on their behaviour on the day. It was such a fantastic experience.

Mrs Hillman

Cross Country Carnival

We are so proud of all students who attended and participated in our cross-country carnival at Duffy's Oval as well as our K/1 carnival held here at school. All students demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, competed enthusiastically and supported each other in the way we know our beautiful Erina Heights students do. Thankfully the weather held up for us and we were able to get through all events.

Our year 6 students were great leaders on the day, all helping out to set up equipment and then pack up as needed. Another highlight for the students was the treats available at the stall run by our P&C committee. Thank you to the P&C for running this and to our community for always supporting our students. A special thank you to Mr. Beames for his organisation of both carnivals. It's a massive job and he always does it so well.

A HUGE shout out to all the amazing parents who helped out on the day, supervising on the track, serving at the P&C stall, judging the races or supporting our runners. These carnivals run on the support of the whole community and your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to the top 8 runners from each age group. These students will be participating at the Zone Cross Country Carnival on May 12. We wish you all the best.

Mrs Clarke and Mr Beames

Stage 3 Canberra Excursion

After many post-postponements and cancellations, the students in Stage 3 were finally able to return to Canberra. It was three days of non-stop activities with the War Memorial, the AIS, Parliament Houses, Questacon and the Dinosaur Museum high on the favourites list!

Thank you to Mrs Thaler, Mrs Lanning, Mrs Stahl, Miss Birch and Mr Kirk for your endless energy with the students, they have all come back excited about the excursion and raving about how much fun they had.

A Brief Recap

We had a fantastic time at Canberra, and I am so grateful to have been able to share this experience with such a wonderful group of students. The reports from those in coach number 2, point out two main highlights. The first being all of the incredible interactive science activities at Questacon. Two of the most popular elements were the giant drop (as I'm sure Mr Kirk would agree) and the gift shop, featuring dry-ice-ice-cream of course!

The second highlight was the super interactive part of our trip, the Australian Institute of Sport. We all got a workout in at the end of day one. We practiced our football, skiing, basketball, biking, throwing, and arm-wrestling skills (just to name a few). As for our other activities, Tyler showed off his extensive dinosaur knowledge in the late hours of our day 2 at the National Dinosaur Museum. Ethan, Ella and Maddy.A liked watching the intense debates in the house of representatives. Maia and Isla had the most fun spending some quality time with girlfriends in the cabins. Josh loved the hologram at the Australian MINT. Bonnie and Riley loved the stories at the war memorial (not to mention the incredible practice march we had the privilege of seeing). It was my first time taking students to Canberra and I loved every part. Thank you Stage 3 for your energy and enthusiasm throughout our action-packed adventure through Canberra!

Miss Birch

Canberra Excursion Highlights

  • Being able to witness parliament in session, and Joshua’s crop dusting of a significant landmark (Mrs T)
  • A couple of crazy energetic teachers (Wayne - the coach driver)
  • The War Memorial and the special tributes to family relatives. Also being entertained by Evie and Ivy T the whole trip (Mrs L)
  • The Dinosaur Museum and all the different dinosaurs we learnt about (Mila)
  • The role play activities in the Old Parliament House and the New Parliament House (Charlotte)
  • When we went to AIS and went to Sportex and playing all the sports games. I loved the cycling game (Ivy T)
  • The War Memorial as we got to watch the ANZAC Day practice by the Royal Australian Airforce (Evie)
  • The War Memorial because we saw the grave of the unknown soldier and we don't know who he is and it was really special (Liv)
  • I liked The War Memorial because we got to see The Royal Australian Airforce practice for ANZAC Day. The activities at the AIS were so much fun! (Ella)
  • The New Parliament House when we got to go into the House of Representatives and the Senate and we also got to role play parliament. Also, we saw a robot cat at Questacon and it purred when we patted it. It also washed itself, stretched and meowed (Milly)
  • The Dinosaur Museum because we learnt about extinct creatures from our guide Bella (Jackson)
  • Sportex at the AIS because you could boot the foot ball and the soccer ball (Ty)
  • The War Memorial because we saw all the weapons they used in the wars and the aeroplanes that they flew. Our guide talked about all the history of the world wars (Caelan)
  • The AIS because I liked the penalty shoot outs and learning more about sports (Will H)
  • The AIS because we got to play lots of fun sports and penalty shoot outs. Arm wrestling was fun! (Noah)
  • The War Memorial because it was really fun and we got to watch the soldiers practicing for ANZAC Day. I liked learning about the different types of bombs used in the wars (Koby)
  • The War Memorial because I got to pay a tribute to my family’s history and I placed a poppy next to the name of Curtin LP (Emily)
  • The cabins and being with my friends. I liked The War Memorial because we saw everyone's relatives and we got to see a practice of the ANZAC Day ceremony (Aaliyah)
  • The food! Because not all like it so I had heaps for me. I loved the 3 metre slide at Questacon and hanging out with Chase (Mr Kirk)
  • The AIS because I like sport. I liked the penalty shoot outs and the arm wrestles. I liked everything except the bike activity (Luke)
  • The AIS because I liked all the sport activities that we got to play on. I like kicking soccer goals into the net (Willoughby)
  • Questacon - because I saw some really cool stuff. My favourite part was the slide (Mia)
  • Questacon - I loved the science experiments - especially the one where you peg the ball at the net (Riley)
  • The Dinosaur museum - I liked the T-Rex skull, the raptor claw and all the fossils (Izak)
  • The AIS footy kicking - because you could just kick the ball at a screen and get it into the posts. I got all 3 goals and nearly broke the screen (Lucas)
  • The AIS because of the footy activity. I liked kicking the goals and I got all goals in! (Kane)
  • Miracle Berries from Questacon and freeze dried ice cream. I loved dancing with the girls in my room (Sachi)
  • It was very special to place a poppy on my relatives name on the Honour Roll at The War Memorial. Spending $49 on toys at Questacon and partying with Sachi and Ivy T (Chelsea)
  • Fred the friendly ghost who resided in our room - he was friendly and scary at the same time. AIS Sportex was super fun (Levi)
  • We had a friendly ghost in our room and I enjoyed the AIS sport activities. I loved the kicking of goals into the footy posts (Jax)
  • I enjoyed going to the War Memorial because I loved seeing the old war planes and learning how things worked back in history. I loved the sport activities at the AIS (Ivy H)
  • I liked the War Memorial because we learnt about the planes and pilots and I liked the AIS because I liked trying all the different sport activities (Adele)
  • The War Memorial because we learnt about the history of the wars and we got to see the soldiers practice for ANZAC Day. I enjoyed the sport activities at AIS. My favourite was kicking the footy into the nets and the slalom (Elsie)
  • The cabins - and being with my friends together for 2 nights. I enjoyed the AIS and my favourite activities were the basketball and the arm wrestling (Ivy S)
  • AIS - I liked all the soccer and footy games (Cody)
  • The AIS and the chin up game and the soccer games. I loved Questacon and the 3metre slide. The lightning and the earthquake room was exciting (William G)
  • The War Memorial as I got to see the soldiers do a practice for ANZAC Day. I saw all the war medals and we learnt about Ken who used these flying bombs and then he would try and defuse the flying bombs by diverting them out to sea (Lucas S)
  • Questacon because we got to go on a shopping spree with $50. The 3 metre drop slide was scary but fun (Harvey)
  • The Dinosaur Museum as we got to feel real dino bones and we learnt about all the different types of dinosaurs (Liam)
  • Questacon because there was a gift shop and the speed ball machine that measured how fast you threw the ball. I liked the AIS and the soccer penalty shoot out (Charlie)
  • Questacon because of the big slide and drop. I was nervous and it was so high. I slipped off and screamed on my way down. I was shaking but it was the best time ever. Mrs Thaler singing was a highlight! (Lexi)
  • I liked playing fun games in my cabin with my friends. I enjoyed Questacon and the Dino Museum. I liked the robots at The Mint. I liked our breakfasts each morning (Vada)
  • The Dinosaur Museum and the big birds and the different dinosaurs. I like the shark’s jaws and I liked the fun games and explosions at Questacon. The ice cream at parliament house was yummy (Emmy)
  • Seeing all the students smile (Mrs S)

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