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December 5, 2019

From the Desk of the High School Principal-Mr. Tom Roote

Within the walls of Newark High School it is widely known that we are committing to a series of classroom practices designed to honor our effort to integrate Social-Emotional Learning into classrooms. SEL needs to be deliberate and explicit in teaching pro-social behavior, coping strategies, emotional regulation, and problem solving skills.

I am learning quickly that us getting from here-to-there is best done with an eye on six classroom practices. Parents, I implore you to consider looking at the tools we are using as they can actually be useful from a parenting standpoint! Here are the snapshots staff are regularly working with:

As I gain a bit of momentum dropping into classrooms, I am seeing subtle evidence of the practices. I am also seeing some not-so-subtle evidence in teacher tone and language. The latter is incredible to see and hear firsthand as when done well, it seems to cultivate a classroom tone that instantly warmly wraps around everyone in the room. The warmth I mention is really driven by the teacher (and sometimes student) practices around encouraging appropriate behavior. For instance, I dropped into a mathematics classroom this morning. When the teacher asked students to discuss a mathematics problem he coupled his request with, "First say good morning and then complete the problem". Not expecting to hear this, I need to admit that I felt a happy/positive rush of endorphins that changed my mood immediately. I wonder what the students felt? When I I followed up with the teacher on what I noticed he responded with, "Thanks! I find if I have them say something as simple as good morning or something silly before discussing the math, the are more likely to enter into a conversation."

Contact me at or 315-332-3250.

From the Desk of the Assistant Principal-Mrs. Robyn Ross

In a September Reds Tale, I discussed Newark PRIDE: Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and A Community and the classroom matrices which translate Newark High School’s expectations into expected behaviors.

The high school matrix and our classroom matrices clarify for our students what our behaviors should look, sound and feel like. Introducing, discussing, modeling and reinforcing positive social behaviors is an important step of a student’s educational experience. Explicitly teaching our behavior expectations and acknowledging students for demonstrating them is key to our success. It is important to integrate the language into our interactions throughout the school day as well as use PRIDE language regularly and consistently.

Each marking period the Tier I PRIDE team hosts a competition between the grades focusing on certain expectations that may have fallen and need to be rebooted. First marking period focused on Responsibility around tardiness to class. The Senior class won the Don’t Be Tardy, Earn a Pizza Party contest. The Seniors enjoyed pizza, gift cards and a t-shirt giveaway as well as time in the gym.

The second marking period is focusing on being Respectful with cell phones. All classrooms are Red Zones, meaning phones are not to be seen or heard. To remind students that cell phones are not allowed during an instructional period, the Tier I PRIDE team is hosting the “Phone out in Class? Nachos!!” competition. Grade levels will be competing against each other to have the lowest number of phone related referrals. The competition runs from November 18th through the end of the second marking period, January 31. The class who has the lowest number of phone referrals will win a NACHO party!

Phone out in class? NACHOS!!!!!!!!

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From the Desk of the Administrative Intern-Mr. Jason Dentel


Contact me at or 315-332-3255.

Mash Up

We will adjust the bells for the Pep Assembly on Friday, December 20 so all classes meet.

Teachers: Be sure to update your printed rosters regularly and make them available as part of your sub plans and ERF.

Coach Kuperus: "Attention all basketball fans or fans of supporting your current/former students or fans of supporting a great charity in our community. Newark Boys basketball is hosting the 2nd Annual Finger Lakes Tip Off Tournament starting Thursday evening. The schedule of events is listed below and all money collected at the door in lieu of admission costs will be donated to two charities, one of which is Blessings in a Backpack which sends bags of food home every weekend to OUR students that need it. Please consider coming out and supporting our student-athletes and the charitable causes.

  • December 5 @ the MS: 6:00 Newark JV vs Waterloo JV and 7:30 Canandaigua JV vs Victor JV
  • December 5 @ the HS: 6:00 Canandaigua Varsity vs Victor Varsity and 7:30 Newark Varsity vs Waterloo Varsity
  • December 7 @ the HS: 10:00 7th Grade Newark Modified vs. Waterloo, 11:30 8th Grade Newark Modified vs. Waterloo, 1:00 JV Consolation, 2:45 JV Championship, 4:30 Varsity Consolation, 6:15 Varsity Championship"

REPRINT: Check out edition 2 of our Counseling Office News: The Fox Files.

The Reds Tale Archives:

Social Emotional Learning and the Plan for Excellence

Instructional Corner

Teaching can be rough. In fact, very few of us get through it without encountering obstacles and adversity. With resilience (I often refer to this as your bucket), we not only rebound from challenges, but we are stronger, kinder, and even more alive because of them. Resilience is about thriving, not just surviving. It’s about learning from challenges so that we experience more joy, calm and tranquility and foster meaningful connections with others. Our resilience allows us to experience the full spectrum of emotions and to move more quickly through uncomfortable emotions. You already have resilience. And it’s a resource that you can increase tremendously.

We can hone our attention to focus on our strengths, assets, and skills. This helps us generally feel better and enables us to respond to challenges more effectively. Focusing on strengths also boosts our levels of self-efficacy, and we feel more empowered to influence our surroundings.

This is also true for our students. As we begin peeling back the layers of Classroom Practice #4 – Encouraging Appropriate Behaviors, we will start to see, by pointing out what someone is doing correctly, will improve how our students feel and as a result, how we feel as well. Focusing on bright spots, not only feels good, but it works when you want others to change.

1:1 Device News and Notes

Mobile Device Handbook kernel of wisdom of the week:
  • Students may be subject to disciplinary measures if gross disregard of school equipment is to occur. School administrators should exercise their judgment in accordance with the NCSD Acceptable Use Policy/Responsible Use Guide for issues of vandalism, malicious use of district equipment, network access, network bandwidth, or other prohibited behavior.
  • Devices are intended to be used at school each day. In addition to teacher expectations for device use, school messages, announcements, calendars and schedules may be accessed using the mobile device. Students must be responsible for bringing their device to all classes, unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher.

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Calendar Share

Wednesday, December 11, January 15, February 12, March 11, April 15, May 13 and June 10. College Wear Wednesday. Contact S Gardner.

Friday, December 20 from 1:30-2:30 (approximately). Winter Pep Rally. Contact L Walter and B Yuhas.

First Tuesday of each month. Staff Meeting. Contact T Roote

Thursday, April 30. Capstone Day. Contact D Barry, K Ganter or R Ross

TBD. NHS Program/No WTCC Program. Contact R Ross

Upcoming Field Trips

  • Wednesday, December 11: Work Experience. Bridges for Brain Injury/Wildlife Rockstars. 9:30-2:00 pm. Contact: Deb Barry & Mark Eakins.
  • Thursday, December 12: My Brother's Keeper, Hobart& William Smith. Contact: Jesse Cruz & Julia Rodriguez.
  • Wednesday, March 4: Monroe County Math League meet. 7:30-3:00 pm. Contact: Lori Reed.
  • Monday, March 16: Counseling Office, Rochester Convention Center. 8:00-12:00 pm. Contact Danielle McGavisk.
  • Wednesday, March 18: Child Psycology Class to Roosevelt Children's Center 7:50-10:50 am
  • Wednesday, January 8: Rochester Museum & Science Center 9:00 am-2:30 pm. Contact Aaron Harrington.

  • Monday, May 18. Physics Day at Darien Lake 9:00 am-6:30 pm. Contact Aaron Harrington.

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The Newark High School Mission, Vision and Values

The Newark High School Mission: We are a school community with deeply held hometown pride, committed to readying young people to be life-long learners with experiences aimed at continuously motivating us to hone our skills in the complex tasks of teaching and learning. Our community is devoted to providing supports for the aspirations of our adolescents as they mature into adults with ambitious plans for college and careers.

The Newark High School Vision: Staff embody the school values and impart confidence while providing an inviting classroom environment with clear expectations and specific academic and behavioral goals. Students embody the school values through intellectual and emotional perseverance. Families embody the school values while remaining actively involved as advocates for their children and supporters of the school programs and staff.

The Newark High School Values: Safe, Responsible, Respectful and A Community.