3rd Grade News - Durbin Elementary

Mr. Noel's Class

HW This Week

1) Reading at Home - 90 minutes

2) Online Reading Passage - Reading Homework Link

3) 2 page math packet

4) Spelling City - NO Sentences this week, but there will still be 7 activities to complete before Friday, March 20.

I-Read Testing is over!!!

The class did a great job staying focused and energetic during I-READ testing last week and today. We are finished with I-READ (except for a few makeups). No more testing until the week of April 27th for ISTEP Part 2, which will be multiple choice questions on the computer for both reading and math. More details coming soon.

Curriculum Updates

This week in Math...

*We will have our assessments on Wednesday this week over Topic 12 (4th grade) and Topic 10 (3rd grade). The kids can prepare in a multitude of ways. Watch the Pearson videos that go with the lessons from our math series at Pearson. Students will also bring home their study guides on Tuesday reviewing material from the topic or they can visit Khan Academy and practice adding/subtracting fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions, or anything else fraction related that I have recommended for them to practice.

*We will start Measurement with Weight, Length, Capacity, and Mass later this week.

This week in Language Arts...

*We will learn about figurative language.

*Discover author's purpose and reasons for reading and writing.

*Write fictional stories and publishing our writing.

This week in Science, we will...

*Continue discussion on plants and the environment.

*Learn about nutrition and ways to stay healthy.