Second Battle of Bull Run

By Jake Vogt

Prelude to the Battle

With the newly formed Union Army of Virginia, General John Pope, lead his army into Virginia. He again would try to take Richmond like other generals before him. However, Confederate General Robert. E. Lee could not let that happen and had a plan.
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Confederate Stategey

General Lee had a bold plan: to have General Thomas Jackson flank all the way around the Union lines at take out supplies and communications of the Union. General Jackson along with General Jeb Steward, took out the Union supplies at the Manassas Junction. Pope then moved in to attack the Confederate force and take them down.
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A Union Retreat

Pope moved is army to attack Jackson, who was at the Junction using cut up railroad and the Stony Ridge Hill for cover. The Union was not able to break the Confederate line for the first two days of battle. On the second night, General Lee arrived, and waited for the Union attack. Pope thought that they next day would bring victory so the next day he would begin his attacks like the days before. General Lee then attacked the flank of the Federals while they were assaulting Jacksons position. A Union retreated then ensued to Washington.
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Total: Around 22,000

Union: 13,800

Confederacy: 8,300

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