Pasquotank River

Located in Northeastern North Carolina


Even the county's name is river oriented. The Pasquotank comes from the Algonquian Indian word pasketanki, which means "where the current of the stream divides or forks". Most significantly about rivers during the colonial period is that they defined transportation centers, and in many ways, transportation continues to define the Pasquotank County today.

Fishing Industry

Local creeks have provided good fishing for striped bass, large mouth bass, croaker and white perch.


There are many careers in the Pasquotank River there are hospitals,stores,teaching,law enforcement and farming.


The water there is perfect there for boating it is nice to fish and go canoeing on too.


There is plenty of fish in the river like striped bass and rock fish large mouth bass, croaker and white perch.


There are a couple of parks in the Pasquotank River like wharf park and there is also a golf course there too.


There all kinds of animals at the Pasquotank River like bears there is also tons of fish located in the river.


The Pasquotank River goes through many places and important.


Lots of fishes in the Pasquotank River such as : Red Drum, Channel Catfish,and Largemouth Bass.

Management Effects

Water Management in a community has been handled via separate methods, technologies and regulations.