Nina K

Love is a Disease

People find love a disease because it may make you sick, cause depression, sadness and anxiety. It's considered a pain and also a pleasure. Many people consider it a disease because people do get really sick from it. It feels like your sick and really upset and empty in side for a long time especially after a break up with someone your close to, not only that but losing a family member or good friend. Theirs people who are crazy about their loved ones. Their are some people who would do anything for a person even if your just making them happy and not thinking about themselves. A lot of people may be really happy when there with that person but the second they're without that person they become miserable. Dr. Nakvechara say's that your nerves being stressed causes stress disorder and can cause depression. People can go crazy and believe that they can't live without that person, and may become on severe conditions mentally disturbed and cause serious anxiety. Just like in the book delirium people committed suicide went crazy, ran away , were sad and people called it a disease. People can become stressed from love and being stressed cause a lot of health issues. Love can make you either really happy or the whole opposite but unlike in Delirium there no cure for it.
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