King of Pop's "Meaningless" Life

Michael Jackson

He had it all...

Michael Jackson was one of the most famous musicians of all time. In 1964 he started his musical career by singing alongside his brothers in the famous group, "The Jackson 5". In 1971 he began his solo career. As Jackson's musical career took off, he used his music to break racial barriers and hit the top of the charts repeatedly. Along with his many hits, Jackson was the creator of dance moves such as the "robot" and the "moonwalk". Jackson also holds the title of best selling album of all time with "Thriller". When Jackson died in 2009, his estimated net worth was $1.178 billion. The dream home that Michael lived in from 1988-2005, "Neverland", was said to be worth between 16.5-30 million dollars when he purchased it. It's safe so say that Michael Jackson had everything anyone in the music industry could dream of, and much more.

What Happened?

After a long lived life of incredible music and fame, I think Michael had had enough once 2009 hit. Jackson had gone through two divorces and had seen the evils of the world. Although Jackson was extremely successful and lived a life that many would envy, he still didn't feel happy. Michael couldn't sleep at night and requested pills from his physician to help him sleep. Jackson was found dead in his home on June 25, 2009. His death was said to have been caused from the pills that he was taking to sleep. Michael's physician was charged with homicide and was said to have been the cause of Jackson's death. It's interesting to see that although Michael lived an amazing and fame filled life, there are many struggles that come with success. Michael's struggles just happened to be the reason for his life to end.
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