Repletion Index

A new way to measure the health and prosperity of a country.

This new measure of a country would give us a better idea of which countries are the "best" in a sense. Countries may rank higher in one area than in another area, but all are equally important and so the average of the 6 categories is taken. The final number is a percentage out of 100, with each measure counting for 16.7 percent.


High Ranking Countries


Japan is one of the highest ranking countries because of it's outstanding education system and it's safety. Although it may not rank as high in the health aspect, the people of Japan have generally high incomes.


The health and safety of Canada is just about the best you can get. Extremely high standards in education have resulted in a high ranking for Canada. Though environmental standards aren't quite as high, Canada has achieved a very good rating.


Environment and income scores were two of the highest for Switzerland. They care about the earth and pollution, while still having a balance with industrial companies. Switzerland may not have scored perfectly in safety, but it is still one of the top places to live.

Low Ranking Countries


With the safety of Brazilian citizens being a major concern, Brazil scored low on the repletion index. Their education system and average income didn't help them score any higher. With that said, Brazil is still a beautiful country and a major tourist spot.


In as many as 5 categories, Chile scored extremely low. Education, safety, income, environment and health standards are not nearly as high as they should be. Chile has made tons of progress over the past decade and is still working hard to become a better country.


Congo's GDP score does not nearly compare to those of the higher ranking countries. The history of Congo includes many wars, and has led to low safety. There are also many prominent diseases in the Congo and so the health of Congo isn't too great. However, Congo is a fairly young country and is still developing. Also, the mean amount of schooling is only 8 years.