The Bear and The Beaver

By: Taylor Stockman

A Bear was in a meadow singing and dancing in the flowers. When he noticed a Beaver chopping down wood in a near by forest. The Bear was very curious so he asked the Beaver, "Why are you chopping down timber? I'm playing in the meadows, which happens to be much more fun. Come join me!"

"I am to busy, Bear. I am gathering wood, for there is to be a storm. I must gather enough wood to help strengthen my home" replied Beaver.

"Whatever, have fun with that." sarcastically said by the Bear.

Beaver rolled his eyes and walked way. Later that night there was a terrible storm, ripping trees down. The Bear had nowhere to go, so he sat in the pouring rain and thought about the mistake he had made.

Theme: Think before you act because if you don't think of the possible outcome, things could end badly.